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"This Thornhill Weight Loss Program will Help You Lose 17 Lbs. in 4 Weeks – Results Guaranteed or Your Money Back!"

Find out how you can lose weight without using the traditional workout methods, or using drugs and other products that never work. Read on to learn more…

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From Dan Go
Owner and author of the Body Back Fat Loss System
Fitness and Nutrition Expert For Livestrong.com
Markham, ON
3:22 PM

Dear Friend,

Hi, I'm Dan Go of the Thornhill Weight Loss Program. Local residents consider me the most celebrated trainer in the area, something that wouldn't have been possible if they met me 10 years ago.

Before becoming a fitness trainer and becoming dedicated to helping people lose weight, I also had weight problems of my own to deal with. I was severely overweight and was always the butt of the jokes of my friends and family.

At first, I didn't do anything about it. I went on drinking, smoking and eating too much. But as the jokes became more frequent, I decided that it was time to finally lose weight.

So I did the most sensible thing to do: I went to the gym. I trained hard and spent countless hours trying to shed off all the excess weight from my body. Instead, the opposite happened – I became heavier than ever before!

Taking fat loss pills, watching aerobics DVDs
and buying an ab-sculpting machine.
None of them worked.

Frustrated, I resorted to other options like taking fat loss pills, watching aerobics DVDs and buying an ab-sculpting machine. None of them worked.

I was becoming desperate so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I did my own research, bent on finding the best weight loss program there is. I did this even if it meant spending several thousands of dollars more on books and programs on weight management.

Almost instantly lost 37 pounds!

And then I hit paydirt. Sure, my discovery came in after 10 years of my relentless research, but I was sure that was IT. Why? Because I tried it myself and almost instantly lost 37 pounds!

I could have simply rested on my laurels and kept the secret to myself. But I was so inspired by the results that I decided to become a personal trainer myself.

Today, I now help my clients lose weight with the Thornhill weight loss program I developed. It is an intense 6-week weight loss program that helps my clients lose an amazing amount of weight in so little time.

Here's some of the things clients can expect from the program:

  • Exciting workouts. Boredom is the game killer when it comes to losing weight. So to prevent boredom, I have what I call a 'Fat Loss Toolbox'. It's where I randomly pick one workout every week which keeps things uncertain and therefore exciting.
  • Maximized metabolism. The program is designed in a way that maximizes my clients' metabolism so that they can lose huge amounts of weight in as little time as possible.
  • Unlimited email support. Most trainers only provide their clients with advice during training sessions. Then clients will pay them more for advice outside those sessions. But in my program, all of my clients can contact me through email any time!


All in all, my clients are always in for exciting workouts and a seemingly endless stream of fitness tips from me. In short, they get their money's worth with my program.


Hear what our clients have to say!


"I started seeing more tone in my arms and abs..." - Vicki Nguyen


"Our trainer was a great motivator. I like the way he changes up the exercises for every session and his routines target all parts of the body. You can follow the same program on your own without needing access to a gym or expensive equipment.

The classes are fun and working with a team really encourages you to attend and push yourself to meet your goals. Having it in the workplace makes it convenient and the exercises are intense, so you don't have to sacrifice a lot of time out of your busy schedule to stay fit. Dan also shares many exercise tips and nutritional information."

Vera Mercurio

“Fun and Encouraging...”


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