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"Not Like Other Thornhill Personal Trainers: Find Out How This Personal Trainer can Help You Lose 17 Lbs.
in Just 4 Weeks – Guaranteed!"

Forget all the promises other personal trainers in Thornhill have told you. This personal trainer gives you guaranteed results in just 4 weeks. Find out how he'll help you lose weight and why his solution works…

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From Dan Go
Owner and author of the Body Back Fat Loss System
Fitness and Nutrition Expert For Livestrong.com
Markham, ON
3:22 PM

Dear Friend,

Hi, I'm Dan Go and I'm a personal trainer in the Thornhill area.

Have you ever worked with other Thornhill personal trainers before? If you have, did you get the results that you wanted? If you didn't, then you're likely here because you're looking for a new trainer who can give you guaranteed results. And I also know you're a bit skeptical because you've been fooled by your trainer before.

But anyway, I can help you lose weight in a way that other personal trainers in Thornhill can't. Why? Because I'm offering you a solution that truly works. How do I know this? First, let me tell you a story.

Like you, I used to have my own weight problems to deal with. But instead of doing something about it, I just kept on drinking, smoking and eating too much. Because of that, my friends and family always made fun of me.

Tried other weight loss methods such as pills, aerobics DVDs
and an ab gadget. None of them worked.

But as the jokes got harsher, I knew I had to do something about my weight already. So I went to the gym and tried other weight loss methods such as pills, aerobics DVDs and an ab gadget. None of them worked.

Out of frustration, I decided to do my own research to look for the most effective weight loss method on the planet. I did that even if it meant spending several thousands of dollars more on books and other materials for my research.

And then, a discovery. I finally discovered the most effective weight loss method but not after 10 years of relentless research. It took me a decade to get there but it was a decade well spent nonetheless.

I quickly lost 37 pounds!

Now the question: how do I know it works? Because I tried it myself and when I did, I quickly lost 37 pounds!

I then put together all my findings and developed the weight loss program that I now use today. This 6-week program includes the following:

  • Exciting workouts. Boredom is every gym-goer's worst enemy. That's why I keep things exciting by having a random workout every week so that everybody has something to look forward to weekly. This is unlike other Thornhill personal trainers who will make you do the same routine over and over again.
  • A nutritional plan. Eating healthy is just as important as doing exercises. So I'll provide you with a solid diet plan that will help you shed off your excess weight and keep that weight off your body again.
  • Unlimited email support. Can you still ask other personal trainers in Thornhill for fitness advice after every workout session? Probably not. In contrast, I'll provide you with unlimited email support so you can ask me your questions anytime you need and want to.


Hear what our clients have to say!


"I started seeing more tone in my arms and abs..." - Vicki Nguyen


Garima Gupta

Before -
After -

"I was moderately active person but lacked the real motivation to reach my fitness goals. I was going to gym for about 6 months before joining but could not see much change in myself. I heard my friend saying that boot camp really works. I tried to give it a chance and it did really worked for me !! :-)

I have seen tremendous results after I joined the camp. I dropped 26 pounds in about 4 months and went down from a size 13-14 to size 9. I feel great about myself.

The good thing about this boot camp is it couples exercise and nutrition in a way that if you follow both of them religiously, you are bound to see results!!"

Garima Gupta
Platform IT Technician

“I've Dropped
26 Pounds in About 4 months!”


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That's how it basically works. To find out more about my weight loss program, you may try it for FREE for one workout with no risk or obligation.

Or join now and lose 17 pounds in just 4 weeks. The results are guaranteed or your money back. But hurry because my classes fill up quickly! Contact me at: info@gogirlbootcamps.com