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Get a Slim and Beautiful Body Just Like Jennifer Aniston at A Boot Camp Scarborough Weight Loss Center!!

Don’t waste your time with workouts that don’t work!

Is your weight gain unmanageable? Does it seem like it is spiraling out of control and ruining your life?  Are the extra pounds changing your appearance and affecting your love life and other social opportunities?  Do you have a bunch of clothes hanging in your closet that just don’t fit anymore.

If so these are the least of your problems!  Excess weight is a real threat to your health. At our boot camp oriented weight loss center we recognize how obesity can affect your health.

Here is a breakdown of some of the serious health consequences that can result from carrying that extra burden of weight!

  • Hauling around excess body fat will decrease your energy levels and make it feel like you are hauling around a 10 lb. bag of lard!
  • Your heart has to work overtime and this can seriously stress out your entire cardiovascular system and cause heart attacks and strokes
  • You could also develop breathing problems like sleep apnea. This is a breathing problem that causes you to stop inhaling or exhaling for long enough that you can actually suffocate while you are asleep.
  • Being overweight can cause infertility. If you are trying to have a baby but aren’t having any luck those excess pounds could be the reason!
  • Type 2 Diabetes has been linked to obesity so shedding some pounds at our weight loss center might help you reduce your risk of developing that disease
  • Fat women have a higher risk of developing gallbladder, breast, uterine, cervical, or ovarian cancer.
  • Obesity can affect the quality of life because you become less flexible or able to work around
  • Obese individuals also can experience social, academic, and job discrimination that can affect the quality of their lives
  • Being overweight may have an effect on your self-esteem that, in turn, will have a negative effect on your overall health and also make you so self-conscious that you fear going to a weight loss center

These are only some of the consequences of not shedding those excess pounds.  In the long run being overweight is absurdly expensive both to your morale and to your pocketbook.  That is why it is a good idea to consult fitness trainers at a weight loss clinic now...

The weight loss center experts at our Scarborough, Ontario Boot Camps teach you …

  • To set weight loss goals and stick to them so you become as skinny as you can while at the same time remaining very healthy
  • Why going on a fad diet, even if it was recommended by another weight loss center in Scarborough, might be a bad idea
  • How often you need to go to the weight loss center to really lose weight and build that muscle up so that your body is burning fat even while you are at rest
  • How to determine your fat to muscle ratio
  • How many meals you should be eating a day to lose weight (the answer may surprise you!)
  • Why soft drinks are the biggest downfall for most people who are trying to lose weight
  • Why starving yourself just doesn’t work but why so many weight loss centers seem to recommend it!

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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I can’t believe we were able to accomplish in two months, what I’ve been trying to do for the past four years! It wasn’t until we started working 2 months ago that I FINALLY started seeing results! In fact – I tried on a pair of pants I bought in grade 9…and they were too big!!

Justine Shoolman

“What an Accomplishment
in 2 Months!”

Ann Hsu

Before -
After -

"I love Go Girl Boot camps!! When I go to camp I feel that I'm being pushed to my limits and it helps that you feel a little tighter in all the right places. After taking the boot camp I was able to lose 36 pounds after pregnancy! Having a workout and nutrition plan that is easy to follow has helped me lose all the baby fat"

Ann Hsu

“Lost 36 Pounds of Post-pregnancy Fat!”

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