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Discover Richmond Hill’s Best Kept
Fitness Secret – Richmond Weight Loss Center! Find Out What You Have Been Missing! It Not Only Works! Boot Camp at Our Weight Loss Center is GREAT FUN and It Takes Less Time Than You Think!

Our Richmond Hill Boot Camp routine is strategically designed and completely affordable. It can turn your belly into a smooth firm midsection and tone up your butt, shoulders, belly and butt!

Attending Richmond Hill Bootcamp can help you streamline your life. You can avoid information overload – which is where you face so many options for getting fit that you end up doing nothing!  We have devised a straightforward simple routine that works better than the ones you find at most Weight Loss center facilities and that you can do in a motivating and enthusiastic setting with like minded people.

Richmond Hill Bootcamp has many benefits for you including –

  • Making you feel more comfortable and attractive
  • Improving your cardiovascular system
  • Helping you burn calories faster
  • An easy schedule to follow
  • Friendly fitness trainers
  • A happy and affordable professional environment
  • No men in the room ogling you while you work out

Are you sick of lugging around extra tummy fat that has you avoiding the beach, pool parties and other situations that require that you show a little skin?

Are those extra pounds sapping your energy, weighting you down and leaving you feeling a bit sick about the way you look?

Do you seem to remain out of shape no matter how much effort and time you seem to put into working out?

Well friend, I know precisely how you feel!

I know the frustration of being confused by all of the fitness options available to you. I am a busy mom with kids and I just never seem to have the time to get to the weight loss center while doing everything else in my life.

In fact it seemed that my whole existence was devoted to working and then coming home to the kids.  The result was I got fatter and fatter. 

I thought I was doomed to live in my flabby body forever until I discovered boot camp for busy moms in Richmond Hill. The workout is focuses you and lasts under another and before I knew it I started to notice the stubborn fat melting away from my arms, belly and legs.  The workout is designed for people who want to look sleek and toned but just don’t have the time for the “fussiness” and “preciousness” of working out with fitness trainers or at an expensive weight loss center.

If you just gave birth boot camp can help you melt off the pounds
so you can feel like your old self again!

Imagine how wonderful it would be to be able to buy clothes that show off your body rather than those that simply cover you up. Imagine what it would be like to step into a store and notice that racks and racks of clothing come in your size!

Getting the fat off of your body is not going to happen by itself.   Start making things happen by picking up that phone and contacting our Richmond Hill weight loss center!

Garima Gupta

Before -
After -

"I was moderately active person but lacked the real motivation to reach my fitness goals. I was going to gym for about 6 months before joining but could not see much change in myself. I heard my friend saying that boot camp really works. I tried to give it a chance and it did really worked for me !! :-)

I have seen tremendous results after I joined the camp. I dropped 26 pounds in about 4 months and went down from a size 13-14 to size 9. I feel great about myself.

The good thing about this boot camp is it couples exercise and nutrition in a way that if you follow both of them religiously, you are bound to see results!!"

Garima Gupta
Platform IT Technician

“I've Dropped
26 Pounds in About 4 months!”

Kai An Chiang

Before -
After -

"I have taken the boot camp since 2008 and I love it. Before the camp my immune system was not that strong and I was getting sick all the time. After taking the camp I started realizing that my metabolism got faster. I started feeling lighter and healthier. I dropped 3 dress sizes and started to fit into pants that I got 5 years ago! If anyone is thinking about taking the camp I say, "Just do it!" You won't regret it at all!"

Kai An Chiang

“Dropped 3 Dress Sizes!”

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