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Stop Counting on North York Personal Trainers and Count Your Own
Darn Reps At Our Boot Camp!

Our Boot Camp Workout That Sheds the
Fat Quickly and Cheaply!

We succeed where personal trainers fail because we have done our research on what really works to take that weight off and keep you healthy at the same time!

Personal trainers are expensive and take up all of your time whereas we design shorter, efficient workouts that maximize your weight loss potential in the shortest amount of time. In fact  we know that working out too often no way to lose those pounds– in fact studies show that too much working out  day after day without respite can actually cause you to gain weight.  And let’s face it!  Those personal trainers know that the fatter you are the more you are going to have pay them personal trainers in the long run.

Many personal trainers ask you for a lot of money per session or per month yet they don’t deliver on their promises to help you lose your weight. We do deliver on our promises!

Fortunately attending a North York Boot Camp is the answer to your weight loss woes. We really do help you shed those pounds and keep them off! Every day people in North York Ontario are losing weight without a personal trainer this way.

Furthermore boot camp workouts can also help boost your mood as well as your self-confidence because you are so pleased with the results you see in the mirror!  You finally feel as if you are working towards a real weight loss goal!

Here are some reasons to work out with us at North York Boot Camp!

Our workouts work!  We give you the tools and discipline to work out on your own. Life is affordable because you are not paying for a monthly gym membership or expensive trainers anymore.

A reason to look forward to life! Going to the gym is no longer a drag because our workout sessions are fun!

You can eat what you want and still lose weight! Yes that is not a BOGUS statement. You can eat what you want and still lose weight if you work out correctly at the right momentum and LESS OFTEN per week.

You can take what you learn home with you!  We teach you the moves and you can do them anywhere – at home, at the cottage or in the park! You can even take your friends through one of our simple routines – once you learn them by heart.

Get Quick Weight Loss Results at a North York Boot Camp!!

Garima Gupta

Before -
After -

"I was moderately active person but lacked the real motivation to reach my fitness goals. I was going to gym for about 6 months before joining but could not see much change in myself. I heard my friend saying that boot camp really works. I tried to give it a chance and it did really worked for me !! :-)

I have seen tremendous results after I joined the camp. I dropped 26 pounds in about 4 months and went down from a size 13-14 to size 9. I feel great about myself.

The good thing about this boot camp is it couples exercise and nutrition in a way that if you follow both of them religiously, you are bound to see results!!"

Garima Gupta
Platform IT Technician

“I've Dropped
26 Pounds in About 4 months!”

Kai An Chiang

Before -
After -

"I have taken the boot camp since 2008 and I love it. Before the camp my immune system was not that strong and I was getting sick all the time. After taking the camp I started realizing that my metabolism got faster. I started feeling lighter and healthier. I dropped 3 dress sizes and started to fit into pants that I got 5 years ago! If anyone is thinking about taking the camp I say, "Just do it!" You won't regret it at all!"

Kai An Chiang

“Dropped 3 Dress Sizes!”

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