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Exercise Fat Off Your Body Quickly At
Boot Camp Without Paying For Expensive
North York Fitness Training!

Are you one of those women that way to much time at a fitness training studio or fitness trainers with no results? Our North York Boot Camp takes the place of time consuming workouts at the gym or with a fitness trainer.

You absolutely can get rid of unsightly fat on your body without spending all of your money on fitness training.

Just think about how much better off you would be if you never had to –

  • Put up with repetitive that are too dull to attend
  • Get that “why am I doing this” feeling every time you finish an exercise session and don’t see any results in the mirror or reflected on the scale
  • Feel intimidated by diva fitness trainers at a fancy health club
  • Deal to a personal fitness trainer who just doesn’t seem to like you or be into their own thing when it comes to working out
  • Feel that you have to wear certain clothes in order to cover your body up or you just don’t look decent
  • Go shopping only in the plus size area of the clothing store
  • Feel like there is just too much information out there and that you just can’t make choices about what the best route for you is going to be for getting those pounds off

Dear Girlfriend,

If you have all of your time slaving away in a gym with next to no little results, I can totally relate to your issues!  I have spent hours fitness training with no results in the past.

It is so depressing to spend all of that time working out and then look in the mirror afterwards and see no results.

I decided to try out North York Boot Camp because I heard that it was safe, healthy and that it worked. Not only would I lose weight but I would build that lean muscle that is needed to keep you burning calories long after you have stopped working out.

When I first tried fitness training at North York Boot Camp I was really wowed by how fast I started seeing weight loss results. The pounds really began to drop off.

The best thing about North York Bootcamp is you don’t have to work out more than a few hours a week to see the fat melt away.

Boot camp fitness training is different that other types of fitness training because it is are designed for the average person who does not have a ton of money to spend on personal trainers. 

We realize that every woman has responsibilities to their job, their family and lover. All it takes to lose pounds at boot camp is working out whenever possible.

Each workout is very affordable, and you get several times your money’s worth in one session compared to paying for expensive fitness training at a gym.

Joan Sinclair

Before -

"...I have dropped 3-4 clothes sizes, dropped 11% body fat, dropped 33 lbs, and inches and all without serious dieting!

I could never have done all of this on my own without the boot camps support, consistent pushing me to expand my boundaries and telling me to stay focused."

Joan Sinclair Manager
IS Purchasing & Contract Management Direct Energy

“What a Wonderful Transformation...”

"Our trainer was a great motivator. I like the way he changes up the exercises for every session and his routines target all parts of the body. You can follow the same program on your own without needing access to a gym or expensive equipment.

The classes are fun and working with a team really encourages you to attend and push yourself to meet your goals. Having it in the workplace makes it convenient and the exercises are intense, so you don't have to sacrifice a lot of time out of your busy schedule to stay fit. Dan also shares many exercise tips and nutritional information."

Vera Mercurio

“Fun and Encouraging...”

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