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You'll lose 17lbs. in 4 weeks

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From Dan Go
Owner and author of the Body Back Fat Loss System
Fitness and Nutrition Expert For Livestrong.com
Markham, ON
3:22 PM

Dear Friend,

Hi, I'm Dan Go and I'm a Richmond Hill Personal Trainer. If you happen to ask around who the best trainer is in the Richmond Hill area, they'll most likely tell you it's yours truly. They have their own reasons for saying that, but if one thing's for sure, you probably wouldn't have believed them if they told you that 10 years ago.

You see, I used to have weight problems of my own back then.

In fact, my weight problem was probably worse than 90%
of my current clients. Because I wasn't just dealing with
weight problems, I also had my self-esteem and attitude
towards my health to save at the time.

I cared about what people said about me, but I really didn't do much about it. I continued smoking, drinking and eating too much. But eventually, I decided that it had to stop once and for all.

I went to the gym to lose weight. But instead of that happening, I gained more weight! I tried taking fat loss pills and found no success there. And you don't even have to ask about the aerobics DVDs and the ab gadget that I bought. They were worthless.

Frustrated, I decided to do my own research instead. So I invested several thousands of dollars on books and programs about weight loss. There were some useful information there, but a good number of them didn't work or were just plain horrible.

All in all, I spent a decade doing my research until I finally hit paydirt when I found the most effective fat loss technique! And when I tried it on myself, I rapidly lost 37 pounds of fat!

I could have just stopped there and went my merry way. After all, I was already fitter than ever before. But I was so inspired about what happened that I decided to become a weight loss coach. Backed with my decade of research, plus several certifications in weight loss and personal training, I now help women lose weight through the boot camp I started.

Basically, the way it works is that I get workouts from I call my "˜Fat Loss Toolbox'. The Toolbox contains various workouts where I choose I certain workout every week. By doing this, I keep my clients from getting bored or preventing plateau. Meanwhile, the workouts contained in the Toolbox are designed in a way that will also help speed up my clients' metabolism so that they can lose weight faster.

But it doesn't end there. I also give my clients unlimited email support so that they're sure that I'm truly there to help them at every step of the way.


Hear what our clients have to say!

"TV Hosts Jacqueline Betterton (Daytime Live) and Julia Suppa (York Region Living) " - Joan Sinclair

Kai An Chiang

Before -
After -

"I have taken the boot camp since 2008 and I love it. Before the camp my immune system was not that strong and I was getting sick all the time. After taking the camp I started realizing that my metabolism got faster. I started feeling lighter and healthier. I dropped 3 dress sizes and started to fit into pants that I got 5 years ago! If anyone is thinking about taking the camp I say, "Just do it!" You won't regret it at all!"

Kai An Chiang

"Dropped 3 Dress Sizes!"


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