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Here is a Fast and Healthy Way to Lose Weight and Feel Great Without Going to Expensive Markham Health Clubs!

Are You Looking for Health Clubs That Specialize in
Boot Camp programs the
Markham Area?

With Markham Boot Camp Programs You Can Expect to Lose More Weight Than You Ever Thought Was Realistic When You Were Working Out A Health Club!

You will have more energy, stamina and look great in a bikini!

The results from working out at a Markham Boot Camp will be a sexier and leaner look without that bulky look!

The program is modified to adapt to your personal fitness goals whether you are beginning an exercise program or a more advanced athlete.

Within weeks of joining a Markham Boot Camp you can expect the following results "“

  • More than a ten pound weight loss
  • Two to three inches trimmed off of your stomach
  • Up to five percent loss of body fat
  • Over 25% or more increase in strength and endurance
  • Proper posture
  • Feeling more blissful and relaxed
  • A curbing of the appetite so you don't eat as much

If you want results then you need to drop the drugs, fad diets and other short cuts that you may have learned in a health club that simply do not work!  We teach you drop these bad habits so your weight loss is peasant.

Unlike many health clubs, Markham boot camp clients enjoy classes that consist mainly of women. The lack of feeling like you are spied on by males can make your work out more comfortable. !

Bootcamp fitness classes are offered several times a week to help you fine tune your body just in time for that special date, job interview or trip to the beach.  There is no faster way to get rid of a "muffin top" or the dreaded cellulite than working out at our Markham health club with us!

Unlike at the usual Markham health club you can also get a limited membership that lasts as long as you want. You can also get a daily membership at our Markham boot camp clubs.  If you are on a budget you can also "pay as you go" which is also not an option offered by most health club memberships.

Come in for a free assessment by one of our fitness trainers or weight loss clinic experts. We can help you drop the pounds faster than a health club and we can help that extra weight stay off forever!

Joan Sinclair

Before -

"...I have dropped 3-4 clothes sizes, dropped 11% body fat, dropped 33 lbs, and inches and all without serious dieting!

I could never have done all of this on my own without the boot camps support, consistent pushing me to expand my boundaries and telling me to stay focused."

Joan Sinclair Manager
IS Purchasing & Contract Management Direct Energy

"What a Wonderful Transformation..."

"Our trainer was a great motivator. I like the way he changes up the exercises for every session and his routines target all parts of the body. You can follow the same program on your own without needing access to a gym or expensive equipment.

The classes are fun and working with a team really encourages you to attend and push yourself to meet your goals. Having it in the workplace makes it convenient and the exercises are intense, so you don't have to sacrifice a lot of time out of your busy schedule to stay fit. Dan also shares many exercise tips and nutritional information."

Vera Mercurio

"Fun and Encouraging..."

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