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The Secrets of Hardcore Fitness Boot Camp

Get Yourself to a Markham Fitness Studio That Can't Fail
To Take Those Pounds Off Fast

Are you huffing and puffing in a Markham gym or fitness studio with negligible results?

Are you shocked frustrated and dismayed that you are not in better shape by now?

The truth is that working yourself to exhaustion is not the way to lose weight. In fact, if you are not efficient about your workouts you can actually gain weight.  This is because if you over exert yourself too much you can trick your body into "famine" mode.

The point of boot camps is to get you out of this vicious circle of working out too hard and still gaining weight by making your workouts as efficient for you as possible. This means that while you are working out you are not wasting any time and that you are getting as lean and shapely as possible.

So why does Markham Bootcamp succeed where so many other bootcamps fail?

First of all most people feel the difference after just one training session. While most sessions at fitness studios can leave you feeling tired, Markham boot camp routines make you feel energized. Even if your body feels tired you will still feel alert or stimulate.  That is because you will immediately sense the results. Exercise at this kind of fitness center will seem fun and exhilarating.

Secondly we take your fitness to the next level by helping you develop a solid nutritional plan that can help you build lean muscle, shed fat quickly and give you energy so you can work out longer.  We advise you on what to eat so your body cashed fat quickly and safely, and give you a ton of energy for your fitness center workouts.

Thirdly you will find yourself working out with a group of like-minded enthusiastic people.  It can be hard to work out alone and the enthusiasm generated at boot camp can keep you up and at it.

Fourthly, we don't go by the "no pain, no gain" credo of working out that you find at the usual fitness studio.  That is for fitness trainers who don't work out with you!  We know what you are going through because we participate in the session as well.

Our personal trainers have turned the laziest couch potatoes you can imagine into toned, muscular fitness nuts, all through the power of their motivational guidance. They will cheer you through each stage of your fitness plan, celebrating your achievements and milestones and carefully helping you get through barriers to getting the body you want.

Furthermore our personal know all the tricks, tips, and facts that can help you get into the best shape in your life. You can take every golden nugget of knowledge from our fitness studio home with you and apply it to your routines, boosting effectiveness several fold in many cases.

Liking what you see in the mirror keeps you motivated and so does the low price of boot camp!  If you thought you could not handle just one more boring workout then you owe it to us to give us a call.

Joan Sinclair

Before -

"...I have dropped 3-4 clothes sizes, dropped 11% body fat, dropped 33 lbs, and inches and all without serious dieting!

I could never have done all of this on my own without the boot camps support, consistent pushing me to expand my boundaries and telling me to stay focused."

Joan Sinclair Manager
IS Purchasing & Contract Management Direct Energy

"What a Wonderful Transformation..."

"Our trainer was a great motivator. I like the way he changes up the exercises for every session and his routines target all parts of the body. You can follow the same program on your own without needing access to a gym or expensive equipment.

The classes are fun and working with a team really encourages you to attend and push yourself to meet your goals. Having it in the workplace makes it convenient and the exercises are intense, so you don't have to sacrifice a lot of time out of your busy schedule to stay fit. Dan also shares many exercise tips and nutritional information."

Vera Mercurio

"Fun and Encouraging..."

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