How is your program so different from the others?

Our program is different from other fat loss programs out there because it actually works! It’s also because the program is structured in a way to always change with every single workout. Your body gets used to doing the same program over and over.

With our program you will be doing 3 things to prevent your body from plateauing:

1.) Changing fat loss exercise programs every 3 weeks
2.) Every single workout is different so you never get the same workout and…
3.) This boot camp has different and unique exercises to keep things fun and shape your body into new results.

How long is each session? How many sessions are there per week?

Each session lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. We approximately have 10 minutes of warm up, 20 minutes of resistance training and 10 minutes of cool down.

Our boot camp is offered 6 days a week.

Monday 6:00AM, 7:00AM, 9:00AM, 10:00AM, 5:00PM, 6:00PM, 7:00PM,
Tuesday 6:00AM, 7:00AM, 9:00AM,10:00AM, 5:00PM, 6:00PM and 7:00PM
Wednesday 6:00AM, 7:00AM, 9:00AM, 10:00AM, 5:00PM, 6:00PM and 7:00PM
Thursday 6:00AM, 7:00AM, 9:00AM,10:00AM, 5:00PM, 6:00PM and 7:00PM
Friday at 6:00AM, 7:00AM, 9:00AM,10:00AM 5:00PM and 6:00PM
Saturdays at 7:00AM, 8:00AM, 9:00AM and 10:00AM
Sundays at 8:00AM, 9:00AM

Our camps are run monthly and continuously to help members avoid the dreaded lazy factor of resting for a week then having to start exercising all over again.

I am not in the best of shape; will I be able to do this?

We do recommend you consult your physician before conducting any physical exercise. We also know that you will be able to do this program as long as you pace yourself for the 2 to 3 of workouts of each program.

Work with what you feel comfortable with and always take that break whenever you feel the need to. When you feel up to it, challenge yourself more as the workout progresses.

We’ve have beginners do our workout every week and within days they get a handle on the intensity.

How long before I expect to see results?

Realistically we have had women lose an instant 2-4 pounds within the first week of doing the program. This is possible for you but we also want you to have a long-term mindset when it comes to this program.

When it comes to changing your body you have to realize that it is a marathon and not a sprint.

I exercise a lot already, what will this program do for me?

The beauty of this program is that it will be so different than what you are doing right now that it will shock your body into new results. If you have been doing the same program over and over for the past year, your body needs something different for it to see new and better results. That’s where this program comes in.

How do I stay motivated?

One of the best ways to stay motivated is to make yourself accountable. How do we keep you accountable? Well you first off you are accountable to your trainer. Secondly you are accountable to your boot camp teammates who will expect to see you in every class. Third you are accountable to yourself by setting goals and sticking with them.

What am I supposed to do on my off days?

You are provided an off day cardio program you can do at the gym or at home if you want to get in those extra days of physical activity. If not, I would eat right, drink your water and enjoy your off day.

Am I supposed to take any extra supplements?

Yes, protein shakes, fish oils and a multivitamin are recommended because they help speed up the fat loss process. We can provide a source to get these or you can grab them on your own.

I had a baby and I have loose skin. Will that tighten up too?

I won’t promise that all of the loose skin will tighten up but I will say that you can expect to reduce your waistline and hip area significantly.

What is the difference between a Boot camp and a regular Fitness class?

First of all, our boot camps guarantee results! You won’t find any fitness class that would do that. The second difference is:

In a fitness class, the teacher will workout with you and do basic forms of aerobics (which have been proven to NOT be effective at burning fat)

In our Boot camps you will be coached and trained by a Professional personal trainer who has been certified using our fat loss techniques. They will also make sure you are doing the exercises safely and effectively so your body can reap the benefits of doing exercises properly.

If you personal train with us it would run you $100 an hour. With these camps you only pay a tiny fraction of that cost while being surrounded by like minded women all focused towards hitting their fitness goals.

I love my fitness class, am I really not getting a benefit? If I do it with your program will it really not help?

If you really love your class then by all means you should keep it. I’m all about staying active through things that bring you joy. Is it really benefiting you in terms of helping your reach your fat loss goals? No.

A fitness class is a good program to do on the off days of this program. It keeps you active and helps you burn a couple of extra calories.

What is the difference between your Markham Boot camp and going to a gym?

Most gyms will sign you up and forget about you. They could care less about if you are working out or not in their gym after they get your contract signed. They could care even less if you get results.

The biggest difference is that you will actually work out at our Markham boot camp rather than have a gym pass that collects dust in your purse. Not only will you work out with us, you are also guaranteed results. Our boot camp also keeps you accountable to your goals through our members and our trainers.

Accountability is the #1 reason we get fantastic results! No gyms can offer that.

I need to keep my heart healthy because of I have a family history of heart issues. Will this program help me?

You need approval from a doctor before partaking in any physical activity. Once you get approval then this program is perfect for you because you are doing your cardio while doing strength training at the same time.

You are also burning an insane amount of fat from your body, which can only be good for the heart.

Will I get bored doing this?

You will not get bored doing this program because each workout is different from the previous workout. You will always be challenged by doing new exercises as well as completely new programs.

I am over 50 years old, will I expect to see results from this program?

Yes. We have women who have started to work out with us when they were well in their 50’s and have lost so much fat that they are back to their high school weight. They are even borrowing their daughter’s jeans for a night out in the town!

Joan Sinclair

Joan with loose pants

"...I have dropped 3-4 clothes sizes, dropped 11% body fat, dropped 33 lbs, and inches and all without serious dieting!

I could never have done all of this on my own without the boot camps support, consistent pushing me to expand my boundaries and telling me to stay focused."

Joan Sinclair, Manager
Markham, Ontario
IS Purchasing & Contract Management Direct Energy

"What a Wonderful Transformation..."

Should I get approval from my doctor first?

Yes. You should get approved by a doctor before performing any form of physical activity.

What can I expect to achieve with this boot camp?

- You can expect to get guaranteed results. At least 1-2 pounds of body fat a week burned off of your body.

- A positive supportive environment with women who are similar to yourself and have similar goals. Expect to make new friends along the way.

- A safe but hard workout that will elevate your metabolism 36 hours past exercise so you after you are done our workouts you will be burning fat in your sleep.

You also get $120 worth of Free Gifts when you join our Markham boot camp.

What is the cost of the program?

If you’re not serious about transforming your body or you’re just price shopping you would probably be better off looking elsewhere.

We only want to work with clients who are serious about changing their bodies and our boot camp training, service and dedication to your goals reflect that.

We are not the cheapest option out there, but we might be the best.

Our 6 Week Body Transformation Program is two payments of $147.

Our unlimited memberships range from $39 to $49 per week.

How are you able to guarantee results?

We have put thousands of dollars of research into finding the perfect exercise and nutrition program to use in a group setting and what we have come up with is called “The Metabolism Maximizer Exercise and Nutrition Program”

The Metabolism Maximizer program works together with our 6 Week Nutrition Makeover plan to provide results even for the most avid exerciser. Not only have we seen results with our camp members, we actually have science to back us up!

If I’m not satisfied with the camp can I get a full refund?

Yes. These boot camps are fully guaranteed to provide you results. We are so confident that our camps are the best that you are backed by a full unconditional money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the camp you can get a full refund within the first 30 days of the camp no questions asked.

If I bring a friend, can I get a discount?

Absolutely! For every friend that joins the 6 week program you both get an extra week of training for free.

If your friend joins up one of our memberships you will receive 50% off your next months membership.

Can I try out the camp before buying?

Yes. For all new clients we offer one FREE trial workout. This way you get to try it out and see if it is a good fit for you.

Can I do this class if I am a beginner?

Definitely! The classes are set up in a way that challenges all levels of fitness. We often have people who have little or no exercise experience paired up with advanced exercisers and they work out at their own pace. You make it as intense as you want it to be.

Margaret Bennet

Margaret Bennet

"Fitness was definitely not a priority before joining Go Girl since I was busy with my career and raising my family. However, once my youngest went off to university it dawned on me that it was time to start looking after my 50+ year old body and I had run out of excuses!

The first class was a killer - I wasn't sure I would survive the trial but once I got through those first few classes - I could already feel a difference in my body. Our trainer was also a great motivator - he kept reminding me to focus on my goals and go at my own pace.

After six months of training and following a healthy eating plan, I lost 21 inches and almost 31 pounds of fat off my body. 

My body has become noticeably leaner and the side benefit was that I needed to buy clothes two sizes smaller!

My life is still focused around my family and my career but I definitely have more energy as I approach my day.  The class is not easy but I leave each one feeling that the training is building my strength improving my fitness level.  

Go Girls Boot Camp is a serious exercise class with excellent results. All the women at the Boot Camp are friendly and work very hard.   Their trainers have the ability to focus on each person in the class to make sure they are doing the exercises with the proper form and at the same time challenges them to move to the next level when he feels they are ready.  No more excuses - it is time to join!

Margaret Bennet – Markham, Ontario

"...I lost 21 inches and 31 pounds of fat off my body."

Will you train me military style, wear camouflage and scream in my face?

Absolutely not! Our Markham bootcamp is based on support not only from the trainers but from your fellow classmates as well. We won’t be “in your face” like some Markham boot camps do. It’s just not our style. Our trainers are here to coach you, not scream at you like a drill sergeant.

How big are the class sizes?

Class sizes can range from 10 – 20 people at one time.

Will the instructor workout with us or train us?

No. Our Personal Training coaches are there to motivate, support and also ensure that you are doing the exercises the safe and right way. You will often find that our coaches move around the class pushing each individual while making sure everyone does the workouts safely to avoid injury.

Where will the Markham Boot camps be held?

The Bootcamp will be held at 39 Riviera Drive, Unit 1, Markham, ON. The main intersection is Woodbine and Riviera. The boot camps are very close to Unionville as well.

What types of things do I need to bring to the camp?

You need to bring a water bottle, a soft mat and a positive attitude!

How do I register?

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