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Awesome Result

"I Feel Sexy All Over Again!"

"After taking the Markham Boot camp I was able to lose 47 pounds and get into my best shape!

Now I LOVE boot camp AND AM ADDICTED!! I finally look leaner and feel stronger. Each class I get stronger and lift heavier weights and challenge myself by performing these exercises at advanced levels.

If you are looking to get in shape I have to say:

JOIN...JOIN..JOIN..your guaranteed to see results! Dan and his team are amazing, intelligent and know their stuff!

I feel sexy all over again! Come and join the fun, and be with women who are trying to achieve the same goals...be fit, be happy and be sexy!"

Ashley Marie - Markham, ON


From Dan Go
Owner and author of the Body Back Fat Loss System
Fitness and Nutrition Expert For Livestrong.com
Markham, ON
3:22 PM

Dear Friend,

Can I ask you a question...which of the following are you just plain fed up of dealing with the most?

  • Jumping from one miserable diet to another?
  • Doing everything right but always coming up short when it comes to seeing real results?
  • Long Boring workouts?
  • Not being able to stick to a regular workout routine?
  • Having lost the weight but gaining it all back and then some?
  • Not being able to fit into your old clothes from a couple years ago?
  • Not being in a body you truly deserve to be in?
  • Spending countless hours in a smelly gym and having no result to show for it?
  • Waking up in the morning and having your weight be the first thing you think about?
  • Constant worry about how you look and other self conscious behavior?
  • Not being able to go into the clothing store and pick out the clothes you really want to wear because of your body?

Now Imagine How Your Life Would Be If You Didn't Have To Think About These Things EVER AGAIN

WARNING: This is NOT another fat loss program making false promises - if you are looking for another "take some magic pill" to lose weight, do absolutely no exercise, quick fix type of program then I'm afraid you have landed on the wrong website.

BUT if you are willing to put in a little effort and do exactly as our program says, a program that has helped thousands of women get into incredible shape, a plan that is absolutely guaranteed to help you get back into your sexy confident body you once had, then the information I am about to share with you may be the most important information in helping you get into the incredible shape you desire.

Watch This!

Hey there, my name is Dan Go. As a Markham Personal Trainer, my life is much different than it was a decade ago.

You see, like man young people, I hung out with the wrong crowd in college. I started drinking on the weekends, smoking cigarettes and eating copious amounts of junk food like a fat slob.

I could literally finish a big bag of Ketchup potato chips in 5 minutes.

I was disgusted with myself.

I stopped being active, took on bad habits and I seriously had a bad relationship with my body. Even my family and friends would make fun of me because of my saggy body and huge belly.

It got so bad that I wouldn't even take my shirt at the pool because I would so embarrassed about me body.

Then one day I was having fun with my friends at our local hangout spot. An ex-girlfriend (and her new boyfriend) came up to me and we started to chat.

But this was no ordinary chat. She proceeded to make fun of me and my body. She humiliated me in front of my friends and even went so far as to point out my man-boobs.

I felt like someone had stabbed me in the heart and twisted the knife.

I had let myself go to the point where I looked like I just didn't care about myself but deep down inside I really did care...I just didn't know where to start.

After that day I plopped myself down on my bed and made a choice right then and there that I would do anything I could to change my body.

I was determined to change my body no matter what the cost.

To lose weight I took desperate measures.

I was so desperate to lose weight that I started doing as much cardio as I could. So I hit the treadmill for an hour each time 4 days a week.

You'd think with all that activity that I'd be melting pounds off my body...but it didn't work.

I still stayed at the same weight and my body still looked like a lump of fat.

I joined the local gym for 5 days a week, hoping to see some semblance of results. Can you imagine my astonishment when I started gaining weight instead of losing it??

I ended up getting BIGGER.

I started getting bulkier and couldn't even fit into my fat clothes anymore. This was NOT what I was expecting.

I bought aerobic DVD's and they were a joke. They were so boring that I couldn't get through 15 minutes of exercise before quitting. They are now collecting dust somewhere in my house. No wonder NO ONE gets results with those things.

I even used an expensive ab gadget that promised me a fantastic flat belly and smaller waistline. It turned out to be a waste of money which turned out to be a nice decoration in the middle of my TV room.

In a final act of desperation, I started taking fat loss pills but all they did was give me a racing heart beat and pounding headaches.

You know what? None of it worked for me. None of it! I was at the lowest point of my life. How could I work so hard and not get anything out of it?

To Lose Weight and Get Fit You Need to Get Smart!

I finally understood that to change my body I had to follow success.

I bought every book and studied the programs made by the best fat loss experts in the world. I spent thousands of dollars on their products. I used my own body to see if their weight loss programs did what they really claimed they would do.

Some were good and some were bad.

I never gave up. I kept on trying until I discovered the most effective fat loss tricks ever discovered. I kept researching hundreds of books until one day I found the secret to losing fat permanently off your body.

What happened next was the turning point in my journey...

I Found The Perfect Weight Loss Program That Transformed My Life Forever.

Dan Before & After

I couldn't believe it.

I had lost 37 pounds of fat and did it at such a rapid pace that people couldn't even notice me after one month.

My body started to look FANTASTIC. I was even told that I looked 10 years younger and I could feel it.

But the transformation didn't end there.

My social life got better, I started doing well with the opposite sex (if you know what I mean..) and it gave me a confidence inside of me that I never had before.

What is even more wacky is that the same ex-girlfriend who was making fun of me when I was fat...started to come to me for advice on how to get back in shape.

After that my life went through a dramatic change, I had a burning desire to change other lives the way I had done so for myself.

This lead to starting a career in personal training and ultimately starting a fat loss boot camp primarily for women.

Why only women?

It's a selfish reason but a good one: After years of personal training I found women to be the most attentive to my advice and the ones that took their bodies seriously.

They also pushed harder in the workouts than my other male clients.

I asked myself who I would enjoy training the most out of everyone I have ever come in contact with and the answer was always...WOMEN.

I Went From Weight Loss Failure to Weight Loss Success to Weight Loss Coach!

It took me 10 years of research and study to discover the perfect program for weight loss and fitness. I became certified in Nutrition and Wellness and have received my certifications as a Personal Trainer.

Now I'm a much sought after Markham Personal Trainer. My goal is to help as many women as humanly possible and that is why I started the women's boot camps.

And you know what happened?

In trying to help others, I accidentally ended up owning the #1 rated boot camp in Markham, Ontario.

My Markham boot camp is unlike anything you've ever participated in before.

What sets the Markham boot camp apart from the rest of the boot camps in Markham is that my program is about giving you fat loss strategies that practically guarantee results.

I've researched tirelessly to bring you the exact program that will help you fit back into your old clothes and get that lean toned body you've always wanted.

Introducing the Body Back Fat Loss System. You'll Never Get Bored Doing the Same Old Routine & Your Body Will End Up Burning Fat For Days.

Every single month we change up the workouts to ensure that your body never gets used to them. This ensures that you'll always keep on burning fat and never plateau.

My program is designed to kick-start your metabolism and keep it burning for 24 to 36 hours even after you are done working out for maximum weight loss and body sculpting.

Here are the kind of results you can expect by joining the boot camp:

This is what Markham Women's Boot Camp can do for you.

  • You'll see your weight decrease instead of increase after working out
  • You'll feel your energy level improve immediately
  • You won't have to be confused by which steps to take because I'll show you
  • You won't have to run to the gym, use diet pills or supplements or join shady weight loss programs only to become frustrated when you don't lose any weight
  • You'll begin to fit into your old clothes again
  • You won't shy away from the camera because you think you look too fat
  • You'll feel confident walking on the beach in a bathing suit. Even a bikini!
  • Your abs will be flat
  • Your stomach will be toned
  • You'll look amazing in that little black dress
  • You'll look and feel healthier
  • You'll enjoy having people (especially that special someone) give you a second glance
  • You'll enjoy the compliments you get from family and friends because of how great you look
  • You'll get one FREE trial workout to try my program and see if it is the right fit for your fitness goals
  • You'll get a program that is designed especially for you, no matter what level of fitness you are at

It took a long time for me to identify what was holding me back from succeeding in my weight loss program.

And I did it alone.

I don't want you to have to do it alone. When you join Markham Women's Boot Camp Program, you'll not only get unlimited support from me, but you'll also receive that valuable support from your peers so you you'll be part of a team dedicated to your weight loss success.

I've taken all the work out for you and put it into my amazing Ontario Boot Camp for Women!

Here is what you'll get when you join the Markham Boot Camp:

  • Our Easy Eating Nutrition Plan that helps to maximize weight loss while without giving you that icky feeling that comes with dieting. ($67 Value)
  • Our Body Back Fat Loss Workout program that changes each month that will keep your metabolism fired up for up to 36 hours. You'll literally be burning fat in your sleep. ($97 Value)
  • A FREE Go Girl Boot Camps T-shirt. ($29 value)
  • Dynamic warmups that kick-starts your body and keeps you injury free.
  • Our AIS stretching program that will help you get the youthful flexibility you had back when you were in high school.
  • A Goal Setting Action Report that helps to keep your weight loss program on track.
  • Bodyweight manual and Psychology of weight loss report.
  • Unlimited email support.
  • Access to our Private members only Facebook group where we share the trade secrets on how to get yourself back into shape.
Activate Your Free Trial Now!

How much would you expect to pay to hire a personal trainer in Markham?

My normal fee for one-on-one personal weight loss and fitness training is $197 for one private 45-minute session.

For six weeks worth of training twice per week you'd pay over $2000!

But when you sign up for Markham Women's Boot Camp, you won't pay nearly that much money. My program is designed to give you maximum training, results, and support at an affordable price.

Yes, it might be a bit more pricey than, say, joining a gym or a weight loss program. But with Markham Women's Boot Camp you won't have to waste time having wait for equipment at the gym.

And you won't need to spend your time and money on weight loss pills or programs that just don't work!

Plus my Boot Camp program is 100% guaranteed to bring you results! If you don't see results within 30 days you can have your money back. No questions asked.

How can I give you such a guarantee? Because it's worked for hundreds of other women just like you and I know it'll work for you too.

Try out our Markham Women's Boot Camp
for a Free Trial Workout!

Activate Your Free Trial Now!
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Hear what our clients have to say!

"I Lost 17 Pounds In ONLY 4 Weeks!"


"We look forward to every single class..."
-Marcia, Aileen, Lori and Heidi - Markham, Ontario


"I lost 33 pounds..."
- Joan Sinclair - Markham, Ontario


"I lost 28 pounds..."

Click here for more video testimonials from our clients!

Karly Paquet

Karly Paquet

I started my GO Girl weight loss journey only 4 short months ago. Before GG, I was a competitive dancer for 16 years. I had really bad eating habits but I didn't think too much about it because I was dancing for 6-7 hours a night 6 days a week.

I found Go Girl Body Transformation Centre in Markham and participated in the Sexy in 6 Body Transformation Program. My mom, Kathy, played a huge role in this experience for me as she did the same program and met her weight loss goals which motivated me to want to reach mine.

Now with my second challenge coming to an end, I am proud to say that I have lost a total of 25 lbs and dropped a few dress sizes from September to December!

I'm so grateful to the trainers at GG and Dan himself for pushing me to reach the goals I made 4 months ago.

Karly Paquet - Markham, ON

I am proud to say that I have lost a total of 25 lbs and dropped a few dress sizes...

Leizel Albano

Leizel Albano

Exactly today, I've been with Go Girl Body Transformation for 3 months now. This is my first ever workout in my whole entire life.

I've been wanting to lose weight, look better and feel better but I've had all the excuses like "I'm too busy and don't have time."

The trainers of Go Girl Body Transformation are amazing. They motivate you, they push you in a positive way, they inspire you and they care about you. I have to mention, the trainers use current music that makes you keep going. I love the members too. They are always energetic and always ready for any challenges.

I lost 31.2 lbs., 9.4 inches from my waist line and from size 10 to size 4. I am very proud that I can now do lots of push ups with proper form.

I can now run around the building with only a few seconds of walking. I can now say that healthy food choices are not boring but delicious. Exercising is what I do now for fun.

Go Girl Body Transformation has changed my life, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I now consider Go Girl Body Transformation as my extended family. I have fallen in love with taking care of myself, mind, body and spirit.

Thank you so much Go Girl Body Transformation.

Leizel Albano - Markham, ON

Exercising is what I do now for fun.

Jenn L.

Jenn L.

For the last 4 years, I have either been pregnant or on maternity leave. I used this as my excuse to be lazy and eat all the things I never used to allow myself. I eventually reached the point where I could no longer use "baby weight" as an excuse. I made a few attempts at starting an exercise program on my own, but quickly lost motivation when I wasn't getting the results I wanted.

I joined "Go Girl Bootcamp" in February 2013, and in only four months I lost OVER 50 lbs!!!

The support and motivation I received from the coaches and other GGBC members, in addition to the amazing workouts, was exactly what I needed to get back on track and stay focused. I honestly don't think I'd be where I am today had I not found Go Girls Bootcamp.

To reach your goal, whether it be losing weight or increasing your fitness level, it takes a combination of diet and exercise. There is no "magic pill" that will get you there; you have to find a program that motivates you, challenges you and most importantly, something that you enjoy.

I found all of these things when I joined Go Girl Bootcamp. The coaches push me when I need the encouragement, high five me when I reach my next goal, and all within a fun, supportive environment that welcomes women of all fitness levels. It's the closest thing to "magic" you're going to find.

Jenn L. - Markham, ON

I joined Go Girl Bootcamp in February 2013, and in only four months I lost OVER 50 lbs!!!

Lisa Morgan

Lisa Morgan

Before joining Go Girls the words healthy and exercise did not exist in my vocabulary. I ate what ever I wanted and really didn't do anything that would be considered exercise.

I kept seeing one of my friends tag herself in at Go Girls and curiosity got the best of me, so I signed up for a trial day. Less than two weeks later I signed up for a year membership and have not looked back.

In total I am down 69 lbs and this is the happiest and healthiest I've ever been in my life.

For any females looking to join, do it, try it out! Everyone will encourage you and support you through every step of the way! It'll be the best decision you make towards your goal of being fit, healthier, and sexier.

Lisa Morgan - Markham, ON

Less than two weeks later I signed up for a year membership and have not looked back.

Heather Lynn

Heather Lynn

Before Go Girl I was a totally different person. I was self conscious, had no confidence and was most definitely not comfortable in my own skin. I would try on 10 outfits a day and was never satisfied with how I looked.

Once I joined Go Girl everything changed. Slowly but surely I started becoming more confident and started becoming more and more happy. My confidence soared and then I started seeing results.

Over the past 5 months I have lost 47 pounds and counting. I now know how to live a healthy lifestyle. My energy levels each day have risen 100% and my confidence even more, not to mention my stamina and strength.

Go Girl is not just a gym it is a family. I have met so many people and gained some amazing friends. Anyone that wants to change there life in a positive way should join Go Girl. It will change your life for the better!

Heather Lynn - Markham, ON

Go Girl is not just a gym it is a family.



At first I just wanna loose weight for preparing for my niece wedding that's why I decided to try boothcamp and in 3 months I lost 40lbs!!

After joining GG, my confident to myself is back, I had lots of energy and enjoying the changes of my body and the most part of it, I've meet new friends and I'm having fun for what I'm doing each day at the gym.

I could say NO Pain NO Gain! Loosing weight is so easy at GG Boothcamp, you just have to believe into yourself...If others can, You can DO It too... So you just give it a try.

Jhet - Markham, ON

Loosing weight is so easy at GG Boothcamp...



My old life was filled with same old same old with nothing very exciting. Go to work, come home, order food or go for something quick and easy, watch TV and go to bed. Party on weekends with lots of binge eating and drinking.

After Go Girl life became more structured and focus changed from I can eat and drink whatever to let's nourish the body and soul. Exercising became a fun activity again. And the excess weight as well as inches started coming off. I've dropped over 50 lbs and am on my way to my best shape ever.

If you were ever disappointed with your gym and all the fad diets that you tried but the results never stuck around then you need to come to GG. We don't just help you reach your weight loss goals, we make sure you get equipped with life skills to manage the times when you flounder and how to be accountable for what you do to stay healthy and strong.

Harpreet - Markham, ON

Exercising became a fun activity again.

Lina Della Serra

Lina Della Serra

I joined GO GIRL Transformation Center at the end of 2010 after a stress filled year with no physical activity. I had gained 14 pounds in one year and was frustrated and afraid that this was the mid-life spread that was now creeping up on me, but I also knew that this was an excuse and I needed to do something. I surfed the net and found Go Girl Bootcamp, I read Dan's and Rosie's testimonials and decided to give it a try with very little expectations. Little did I realize just how significant that decision would be for my life.

I remember my first trial class, I was so exhausted all I could think of was how I was going to get through the class and how could I ever sustain a workout program this intense. Well 2 1/2 years later I am still here and now find it hard to stay away on the off days!

Since I joined I have lost 28 pounds of fat, I dropped 5 jean sizes, 8 inches off my waist, 4 inches off my hips, I feel energetic and on my way to feeling and being fitter and healthier than I have ever been...and that includes my 20's! It has also changed my limiting beliefs about what is possible for my body.

I have changed my perspective on exercise as well, and no longer look at my workouts as only a means to burning calories, but an opportunity to grow stronger, to feel revitalized and energetic, to push beyond my limits and to simply enjoy the opportunity to move and share space with a community of woman that inspire me with their own stories and successes everyday.

These woman, lead by the amazing trainers are the reason that I have began to take on fitness challenges and train for races that I thought would never have been possible at this stage of my life. I am so grateful to the amazing trainers and every girl that i have worked out with at Go Girl for believing in themselves enough to show up ...for it gives me the courage to believe and to show up for myself!

To any girl that is thinking about joining I would can only say you write your own life story .... what do you want yours to say?

Lina Della Serra - Markham, ON

...a community of woman that inspire me with their own stories and successes everyday.

Tracy Kao

Tracy Kao

After having 2 kids, I completely lost sight of who I was and what I wanted and needed. I let myself get away with gaining weight and not putting any effort into my own health and well being by using the excuse that I am being a good mom by spending all my time on my kids.

I realized that I wasn't able to keep up with them and do all the activities I wanted and that ultimately I wasn't happy. I looked at myself in the mirror and just felt hopeless.

By chance I came across the website for the Markham boot camp, and I decided to email them about trying out a class. I hesitated to commit to a day to actually go in for the first class, because I was afraid I was too out of shape, and that people would judge me and resent me for holding up the class.

That first workout was insanely intense for me but there was so much support and so many understanding girls all working out together, working towards the same goal. I knew this was where I needed to be.

These girls continue to motivate and inspire me with their dedication and determination. They believe in me and challenge me to push harder and to never stop.

The coaches are the most amazing assets to this program. They want the best for ourselves. They have been my rocks through this process of change and transformation. They understand the good days and bad days because they have been through this process themselves.

That is the big difference from other programs; these coaches have walked our paths before. I owe them everything!

I am braver and more confident and I am facing challenges head on and doing things I never thought I could do before. I've lost over 25 lbs and gone down 3 dress sizes in just 4 short months, but my journey is not over, this is going to be a lifetime change.

Dan has helped me see that it is possible because he believes I can do it even when I doubt myself. I am so grateful to call these girls and my coaches Steph, Rosie and Dan my family. I love my GGBC family.

Tracy Kao - Markham, ON

...I knew this was where I needed to be.

Yvonne Li

Yvonne Li

Before I began at GG I would walk on the treadmill for 30mins every other day or try to run outside for 30 mins once-twice a week. But always found excuses about my knee hurting or something else to get out of it.

For the past 6 months I have been going to GG at least 4-5 x per week and I have lost 12 pounds, 11 inches total, went from a size 12 dress size to a size 8. I have NEVER joined a diet/exercise program that I'm more proud to promote and talk about.

The group of women that put in the effort and show up with me everyday with no excuses all motivate me to do better. There has been nothing that I've tried over the last 20 years that has helped me feel so confident and good about myself than being a part of Go Girl. It is a support group you will not find anywhere else.

Yvonne Li - Markham, ON

There has been nothing that I've tried over the last 20 years that has helped me feel so confident and good about myself...



Getting healthy and in shape was my resolution for 2015. In January I started Go girl and joined the 6-week challenge. It was tough and I got hangry for the first few days but soon the bad habits were gone and new habits had started.

I lost 20 lbs and it's my biggest success yet (and I've tried many other gym/food programs). Over the course of the following months, I maintained the habits and modified them slightly to fit my lifestyle.

I was able to lose a bit more weight, but more importantly my body shape changed. Now I'm a week away from getting married and couldn't be happier with how I will look. THANK YOU!

Aurelie - Markham, ON

I lost 20 lbs and it's my biggest success yet..

Miranda Q.

Miranda Q.

Before I started Go Girls Boot camp I had been working out on my own with two different personal trainers and following their advice in regard to work-outs and diet for two years. I saw some results and went down a few sizes in the beginning but the stubborn fat was just not coming off. I was paying and arm and leg and getting nowhere and started to get really frustrated.

I had meet Dan Go at a mutual friend’s wedding and started to subscribe to his blog and thought why not give his gym and his plan a try and boy am I ever glad I did. I came to Go Girls weighing in at 166 pounds in February 2014 and by the end of May 2014 I lost 36 pounds and now proudly weigh 130 pounds

I feel great about myself and moreover the Go Girls Team is filled with some amazing ladies (and Dan of course too), they have great trainers, great members, and great energy!

It is truly a forum that any women can walk into and achieve her goals no matter what her previous experiences were and get results.

Miranda Q. - Markham, ON

...they have great trainers, great members, and great energy!

Annabelle K.

Annabelle K.

Prior to starting my weight-loss journey with GG back in September 2013, I had embarked on my own fitness journey through a dedicated yoga practice and weekly long distance cycling. I dabbled in and out of doing various DVD exercise programs.

I went to my very first trial session, and I met a few of those very same women who’s testimonials were posted on the GG website, at the actual workout session! I knew then that the results were real. But the hard work is also real.

Since I’ve joined the GG team, I’ve personally seen a complete transformation in my relationship with food and fitness..and with it, came the results - I’m now 35lbs lighter than when I first started off….and counting. Still some way to go before hitting that 45lb total weight loss goal….but I know with the support of GG and the girls there, it will only be a matter of time.

I have never been more energetic and happier. It’s a crazy thing, but your fitness level can defy all odds that age brings. I’ve met women that are 10x stronger, and age is almost a non-factor.

What I love about GG, is how real the community is and how inclusive the culture is. I have never felt more in control of my health and overall well-being.

The GG transformation program has shown that it’s never too late. No matter what fitness level you’re at to begin with, and what age you’re at. All it takes, is some dedication. Do it!

Annabelle K. - Markham, ON

I have never been more energetic and happier.

Cheryl C.

Cheryl C.

Before joining Go Girl Bootcamp, I had tried other bootcamps, and fad diets...I would see results, but nothing long lasting.

My fiancé (boyfriend at the time) and I were starting to talk about marriage a lot more, and I knew I needed to do something! The way I looked at the time, was not how I pictured myself on my wedding day. It was time for "Operation Wedding Dress"!

My first bootcamp weigh in, I was 184 lbs, wearing size 14 pants, and extra large shirts. Today I am down 37.2 lbs, and 4 pant sizes!

Although I joined Go Girl to lose weight for the wedding, and knew it was going to require hard work on my part, I never dreaded coming to class. I knew that every class I would have the support of the amazing coaches and the rest of the girls in class.

My only regret is not joining sooner! There is something amazing about working out with a group of women who sincerely want to see you succeed, support you, and encourage you. Come try a class, you'll love it, I promise!

Cheryl C. - Markham, ON

...I never dreaded coming to class.

Benia A.

Benia A.

Before joining GoGirl,I wasn't particularly active. Yes, I went to hot yoga classes, went for walks but that's about as far as it went. I tried many different weight loss diets and programs, nothing ever worked for me.

I went to my first GoGirl class in March of this year and in only 6 short months I have lost over 40 pounds and a crazy amount of inches. I'm starting to enjoy having my picture taken. I'm shopping in stores I would have never had the guts to enter before.

However, the most important thing GoGirl has given me is self-confidence, something I have been lacking these past few years. I feel better, my body is stronger and I'm toning.

Don't hesitate to try a class. It honestly is changing my life. I'm happier and healthier. I have more energy and I feel like I'm finally living the life I want. There's no stopping me now. Thank you to the amazing trainers and Go Girls!

Benia A. - Markham, ON

..in only 6 short months I have lost over 40 pounds and a crazy amount of inches.

Tamara Paulik

Tamara Paulik

Before I joined Go Girl boot camp I was a member at a gym for more then 5 yrs. I NEVER got the results I got here.

After I gave birth to my son I found the gym just was not helping. I was unmotivated and stopped caring. I knew this had to change.

When I found Go Girl, I thought I will give this a try. Do one challenge and see how it goes. It was the BEST thing I ever did. I have now done 3 challenges and can say that I will be a part of Go Girl for LIFE!

The trainers are absolutely AMAZING, all the GG members are super supportive and motivating. We are one BIG FAMILY.

Since joining I have lost almost 30 Ibs, 8 inches off my waist, 5 inches off my hips, and I am down 3 dress sizes.

This is the best I have ever looked. THANK YOU GO GIRL!

Tamara Paulik - Markham, ON

It was the BEST thing I ever did.

Amanda Hunt

Amanda Hunt

I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself in to when I joined Go Girl. I was nervous about what the workouts would be like and what the instructors would be like but I quickly discovered I had nothing to worry about.

Being a part of Go Girl has changed my life. It is the first place that I have truly felt 100% comfortable. With Go Girl you're joining a family not just another gym.

I'm extremely happy to say that I've lost 47 pounds, dropped 3 dress sizes and am now more than half way to my goal and feel amazing!

I have more confidence, more energy, and more zest for life. Go Girl hasn't just given me a new outlook on how to reach my fitness goals it's given me the confidence to know I can do anything I put my mind to!

As a result I’ve transformed not just my body but my eating habits, will power, confidence and happiness! No excuses just go get it and turn your dreams into your reality!

Amanda Hunt - Markham, ON

I have more confidence, more energy, and more zest for life.



Before joining Go Girl I had begun to work on bettering myself by going to a generic gym, working out on machines and running on the treadmill. Although I had started to see some results, there was no direction or guidance in what I was doing. I hadn't set a goal, and it was just a matter of time before I would slip back into my old ways.

Go Girl Bootcamps is by far the best environment to achieve results. The process is difficult and requires commitment, but the results are completely worth the work.

As cheesy as it may sound, Go Girl is really a family, we are all in this together!

For the first time in 26 years I love my body. Not only because of the weight I have lost, but because my body is a culmination of my decisions. Go Girl has instilled these values of self appreciation, acceptance and motivation in me. Through their workouts, team building, support systems, positive outlook and determination to help people, there is really no option but to get better! Thanks.

Sindhu - Markham, ON

..Go Girl is really a family, we are all in this together!

Amy Chan

Amy Chan

Before joining, I had a gym membership and I tried to be active, but I was always inconsistent and lacked motivation to attend.

Since having another baby, I did what most women do, which is put their family first and as a result, did not lose much of the weight I had gained during my second pregnancy. I had very low energy, and often felt ashamed and embarrassed of my weight gain. After several months of not losing any of the baby weight and feeling completely sorry for myself, I decided to re-join the Go Girls.

I knew I just had to show up and the trainers will help me with the weight loss. Within the last several months, I have dropped 4 dress sizes and 28 lbs during my journey. I still have a long way to go but I feel so much happier and confident in myself. But most importantly, I have inspired my children and husband to have a healthier lifestyle.

For anyone that is thinking of joining, I say go for it, you will not regret it. You will find the most supportive trainers and all the girls will motivate you to reach and exceed your fitness goals.

Amy Chan- Markham, ON

...I feel so much happier and confident in myself

Sandeep Bains

Sandeep Bains

Before GG, my fitness life consisted of just going to the gym once or twice a week, but never pushed myself. I never lifted weights or bothered to enter that section of the gym because it was just intimidating and didn’t care to go. I would just hit up the treadmill and come home.

Since joining GG in June 2014, I have lost 30 pounds and 4 inches from my waistline. I went from a size dress 12 to a size 8 and it honestly feels amazing!

I would honestly say GG is the way to go if you are serious about getting into shape and being motivated. The amazing challenges that take place actually do work because of the motivation given by the top-notch trainers.

Everyday after work I am excited to get into my workout clothes and end my day with a wicked sweat and feeling good. If you are serious and want a lifestyle change then you should definitely GO GIRL!!

Sandeep Bains - Markham, ON

...I have lost 30 pounds and 4 inches from my waistline.

Sonal Kasim

Sonal Kasim

Before joining the Go Girls family, I weighed 200lbs, had just had my second child. I was going through bouts of depression and low self esteem because of the sudden changes to my body.

One day I happened to see an ad for Go Girl and read some awe inspiring testimonials about girls getting great results. I decided that this was my time, my time to get my life together and finally do something for my self. So I got out of an abusive relationship and decided to sign up for my first challenge.

I have since then lost a total of 35 lbs, 7 inches off my waist and dropped 3 dress sizes, and I have never felt so happy, healthy and energized!

The motivation and inspiration that I got from all the girls and Dan has been so amazing. I know that I have much more to achieve, but I am off to a great start all thanks to my Go Girl family!

Sonal Kasim - Markham, ON

...I have never felt so happy, healthy and energized!



Fitness and getting outdoors had always been a must with my husband and I, when we had our first son I set goals to keep active and ran my first triathlon within a year of his birth. I was in the best shape of my life and felt great, the baby weight melted off.

Then my second son arrived June 2012, and a year after his birth, I was devastated, I was about to return to work and none of my clothes fit. I was caring 20 pounds more weight, I was tired and I had not been able to get into any sort of exercise routine.

In April 2013 I was determined to figure it out, and joined a 6 week challenge with Go Girl Transformation Centre. I immediately saw the results and was able to fit into my work clothes.

Go Girl gave me focus, held me accountable and taught me the basics of eating right and keeping fit.

I weighed in at 149 lbs April 2013 and a year later I am now 129lbs for a total of 20 lbs of weight lost!

It’s now become a way of life, eating healthy from the challenges has led me to become gluten free, I always knew I had food allergies and my gut has never felt better.

My energy levels are high, I am a better mom, and my children are very supportive. Seeing what we do, my oldest son is excited to run his first kid triathlon, I realize my journey is not all about me, its teaching him how to be active and that its fun.

Thanks to Dan, and his team for inspiring me and hooking me on this training.

Susan - Markham, ON

Go Girl gave me focus, held me accountable and taught me the basics...



Before Go Girl I was eating very unhealthy and not exercising at all.

At first I really did not know what to expect but as soon I was done my first class I knew I was addicted. The energy at boot camp is amazing, and the workouts are never the same.

Since joining boot camp I lost 13lbs!

The support of all the coaches and the wonderful girls keep me motivated to push myself every day. I have to admit at the age of 40 and a mother of 2 I feel and look better than I did in my twenties and thirties!

Once you try Go Girl I guarantee you will want to come back. I did!!

Elli - Markham, ON

The energy at boot camp is amazing...

Sara Russell

 Sara Russell

Before joining, I was living life. I was mom, wife, accountant, friend. I spent most of my days doing everything for someone else. I was unhealthy, flabby, and it was starting to make me unhappy. I was short tempered, tired, and self-conscious. I had always been thin, but I noticed I was starting to balloon...quickly!

I wasn't eating well, I wasn't working out. I was just counting on that teenage metabolism which was well past its prime. It was not the kind of example I wanted to set for my kids. I needed to do something.

The first thing I realized was those people's stories on the website were real people who still worked out at GGBC even after those amazing results. I was hooked after the first class.

Since joining GGBC, I have dropped 41 pounds and 2 pant sizes. I am wearing a size medium! I never thought I would see that size again! I have more energy, strength, and self confidence. I don't hide in pictures any more.

GGBC has amazing trainers that take an interest in you personally. They really make the effort to know you personally, and that translates to them pushing you to reach your goals and keep on going.

GGBC is not your typical gym/boot-camp. We have a true feeling of family. I look forward every day to boot camp, it is not a chore, something I feel like I have to do because it is expected of me.

We share each others achievements and we help each other through set-backs. There is never any judgement here.

If you are thinking about joining, do it! Do it for yourself, you owe it to yourself and you deserve it! This has been by far the best thing I have done for myself and in turn for my family.

Sara Russell - Stouffville, ON

I don't hide in pictures any more.

Pamela Seto

Pamela Seto

My life before joining GG transformation centre was being active the as much as I can. I joined a gym 2 years prior to GG which meant going to the gym 3-5 times a week and if not the gym, doing some kind of physical activity.

I can confidently say that I lost 35-40 pounds on my own. When I joined GG just over a year ago, I felt like my weight hit a plateau and really wanted to build body strength and tone; I haven't looked back since!

Since joining GG, I participated in my very first program with the SI6 second group of girls. I lost 8 pounds which was my goal and 2 inches off my waist.

If you're on the fence about joining, JUST DO IT!!! Don't ever doubt yourself; when you join GG Transformation Centre, you will automatically be welcomed and supported by not only amazing and dedicated trainers, but also fellow members who will support you 100% and push you to be the best you can be.

Pamela Seto - Markham, ON

Don't ever doubt yourself...

Bonnie L.

Pamela Seto

Before joining GoGirl bootcamp I had low energy, always lethargic and constant back and knee pains, plus I had not lost any of the weight I had gained throughout my pregnancies - I always said I would lose the baby weight after each pregnancy, but I never did and it just piled on.

I first saw GoGirl bootcamp through Facebook and I decided to check it out online, I read the testimonials on the website and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to go to a trial class to see what it was all about.

I went to my first class at the end of January 2014 and I was hooked! Although I was aching all over in places I didn’t know would ache, I LOVED it!

Joining GoGirl not only helped me to transform my body, but it has transformed my life into something I can be proud of and be a role model for my daughters to lead a healthier and active life. I am stronger, healthier and happier than I have been in a long time. Thank you Go Girl bootcamp for helping to kickstart this change in my life!

Bonnie L. - Markham, ON

...I was hooked!

Sara Larson

Sara Larson

When it comes to Bootcamps, the GGBC program is far superior than all the rest. Guaranteed!

At GGBC there is a common thread between the members, new and old. Everyone may be there for different reasons, (to lose weight, get in shape or to get a great workout), but we all support each other with no judgement.

We encourage each other to work at your own pace; especially if you've just started or go a little bit harder, one step farther, giving it that 100%. With the encouragement and support from our trainers, Dan (owner and founder of GGBC), Rosie and Stephanie, everyone is guaranteed to feel stronger, fitter, leaner and more confident in their lives.

We learned the importance of writing down our goals, posting pictures of ourselves and how it makes us accountable. Once you start seeing the changes in your body, you understand why this is so important and a key to your success.

I have lost 17 lbs, 9" overall, 4 dress sizes and 8% body fat. For a women in her mid 50's, that's damn impressive! Showing you anyone can do this with hard work, commitment and support from an amazing team.

Without the support of all the girls at BC I don't know how this would have been possible. For that I say "thank you".

If those looking for an exception workout, support system, strong friendships, GGBC is the place to be. It may not be the cheapest but I guarantee you it's worth the investment .... Isn't your health worth it?

If I don't know you, introduce yourself, cause I'd love to workout alongside you. Success = GGBC

Sara Larson - Markham, ON

If Those Looking For An Exceptional Workout, Support System, Strong Friendships, GGBC Is The Place To Be.

Shelley Baba

Shelley Baba

Before joining GGBC my fitness regimen consisted of hot yoga, ballet, walking on my treadmill and occasionally something offered by my local community center. After I had my first child to when my third child was about 3 years old, my physical activity was very sporadic to non existent. So, at the time I thought I was doing pretty decently (it was a vast improvement over the previous several years!). I realize now that I was mistaken.

I started GGBC on a one month trial deal. At the time I was not optimistic it was something I was going to stick with. There are so many things that separate GGBC from others places. The encouraging, supportive and motivating environment is the stand out for me. The coaches, Dan, Rosie and Steph do an amazing job creating this but I've always been amazed by the women that you are surrounded with every time you do a workout. When you're tired and your muscles are burning there is always someone there saying "You can do it!", "Come on, just one more!", "Great job!", etc., etc., etc. And the workouts create results - I've never been in better shape!

I am stronger, more energetic and feel great! Because of these things it has also given me the confidence to try other new things.

This past winter I learned to snowboard, something I was always scared to learn because I thought I would just injure myself. In the past I was never able to run, my knees would hurt after even 1 km. Now, I run pain free and recently, just completed my first Spartan race. I never dreamed I would ever do that! I am also able to do more active things with my kids - now they have to keep up with me!

This has been the only thing that I've tried that has actually changed my body. Although I was never really 'overweight', I always had the 'muffin top'. This has been greatly reduced and my pants size has gone from a 4 to a 0!

If you want to look and feel great - put any excuses aside and just go for it! It may very well be one of the best decisions you could make in your life!

Shelley Baba - Markham, ON

My pants size has gone from a 4 to a 0!

Amanda Bass

Amanda Bass

Pictures Speak A Thousand Words! But they can also invoke so much emotion!

But before I get to far let me introduce you to the girl on the left above (aka BEFORE). She'd (past tense because she's gone) been around for the last 6 years pretty steady.busy really busy being a mom, having a career, being a wife, the social coordinator, the cleaner, the renovator, also a dabbler of gyms, personal training sessions, a season of sports here or there and flirting with the idea of wanting to get fit.

She lacked the motivation, commitment, drive and that little spark, that catalyst that push to get the wheels and cogs of change in motion.

Now I'm the girl in the picture on the right! It's been an amazing ride! I transformed, I participated and owned the programs!! Sexy in six is right! The support, the high fives and the smiles!! I am extremely proud to say I lost 34 pounds in ONLY 12 WEEKS!!

My nutrition has changed. I have met some of the most supportive and positive people in my life in addition to the support at home from my family, my close friends, and some really supportive colleagues at work!

The positive energy is all around me! I just need to keep that around take it in and just acknowledge that there will be negative energy, but recognize it and not let it deter me from my ultimate goals! I've lost a net 46 pounds during my journey and the good news is I am still working to see where I can go! I feel great and I know I am not done yet! My size 14 labels are now size 8 or size 10 labels. Results don't lie!!

My state of being has changed: I am transformed! Now onto the next phase! I have found a program that works for me; if you don't believe then look at my picture it does speak a thousand words! If I can do it you can too!

Amanda Bass - Markham, ON




It took a really bad picture and having to confront the scale at my doctor’s office for me to finally decide that I should make my health, fitness and weight a priority. To be honest, I was blissfully unaware that my weight had crept up.

I joined the Go Girls Transformation Centre for their bootcamp and nutrition coaching in October and by the end of February (4 months) I had lost over 45 lbs!

The compliments started to come in before I even noticed / acknowledged the change myself. I was excited about the way I looked and the way I felt. For the first time in, I don’t know – EVER, a complete stranger called me “skinny”. My hard work was working. I had confidence and energy. I’m super stoked to continue my journey and discover what I can do.

What would I say to anyone thinking about taking a similar journey? Take the first steps. Make a commitment to yourself. Don’t be afraid. Start small and go after it. Get the support you need, like the awesome fitness family at Go Girls, and the education in exercise and nutrition that will be the difference maker. You deserve it.

Jenine - Markham, ON

The compliments started to come in before I even noticed...

Andrea Case

Andrea Case

My fitness level was very low before joining GGBC. I was lucky if I got to the gym or a yoga class once every 3 months. Fitness was last on my to-do list! I tried to kick-start things several times, but I always found an excuse not to do it. Once I found GGBC I was ready to make a change and boy am I thrilled that I did it!!!

Since joining the program in Feb/13 I am down 50+ lbs and 30+ inches!!! I feel amazing. I am down from a size 12 dress to a size 6! The biggest accomplishment for me is the size of my jeans 'I was wearing a size 14 at times and I now fit into a size 8'. This has made me so happy!!!

In terms of how I feel my fitness level is now - WOW I feel so strong now. I honestly feel like a bit of a fitness junkie! I want to get to class every other day, I push harder and lift heavier every chance I get. I've never felt so strong in my entire life”this is all because of what GGBC has done for me; I NEVER would have been able to do this on my own, it's that plain and simple!!!!

To anyone that is thinking of joining I say 'DO it NOW', don't wait!! My only regret is that I did not join sooner. I seriously wish I had done this years ago; but I know that I had to be ready.

GGBC has been life changing for me - Dan, Rosie and Stephanie are real fitness hero's in my eyes, I can't thank them enough!!! The members at GGBC have also transformed me in so many ways with their encouragement and inspiration each and every day!!!! My final piece of advice is ˜Go Girl 'you can do IT'!!!!!

Andrea Case - Markham, ON

To anyone that is thinking of joining I say 'DO it NOW', don't wait!!

Nikki Norton

Nikki Norton

I have been a Go Girl for just over a year, I started last year with a 6 week challenge, I lost a lot of weight and felt amazing so I of course joined! I knew I was making the right choice. Then life sort of messed with me, I went on a few vacays... Indulged A LOT ....then got hurt while riding a horse, and basically stopped coming to boot camp.

Finally in march I had the courage to come back to boot camp and it changed everything! Even though I didn't join the 6 week challenge or the 28 day challenge technically.

As of today...since march I have lost 49 pounds and 5 dress sizes! I'm writing this amazing news one week before my dreaded 30th birthday and I could not feel more accomplished. You can come back and you can try again because you have only failed if you give up trying. when I first came back the thing that kept me going was this quote... "Fall down seven times, get up eight"

All of you girls have just pushed me and inspired me day in and day out to do my best we are all in it together and I just love that and thank you for that! I hope I can do the same for you.

I have no idea where this journey is taking me but I'm so excited for whatever my future accomplishments are! I guess bring on being a super old 30!

Nikki Norton - Markham, on

"...and I could not feel more accomplished."

Kavita Karia

Kavita Karia

I was a shy and insecure girl before joining the Transformation Centre. I was an introvert and wasn't comfortable talking to anyone.

Now life has taken a 360 degree turn after joining. I am a completely new and different person. Everything looks amazing around me!

So far, after 4 months of joining Go Girl, I have lost over 42 TOTAL pounds and 4 dress sizes and I'm still working on losing more.

If you're thinking of joining, don't even waste a minute because key is in your hand.

The support and encouragement that you will get her from the coaches and the members you cannot find in any other place.

Each and every Go Girl is amazing !!! You have to join with an open mind and positive approach for the change to enter into your life.

My deepest heartfelt thanks to all my coaches ....... Dan, Rosie, Stephanie & Stella !!

Kavita Karia - Markham, ON

Each and every Go Girl is amazing !!!

Victoria Mills

Victoria Mills

I have struggled with my weight my entire life. Healthy food options and behaviours were not something my family modeled.

When my son was born, I knew I desperately wanted more for him. I joined some fitness classes on mat leave, tried out some different diets, but never saw results and quickly became discouraged. I saw the ad for Go Girls and thought "Hey, why not?".

It was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Since starting last year, I have dropped 17 lbs and 3 sizes. What used to be my skinny jeans are now my fat pants!

I see myself as capable of things I never thought I could do. I used to make excuses for why I couldn't do things - now I've gone from jogging around the block to running 10k races. Next stop: half marathon!

To anyone that is looking to join - It will be one of the best choices you ever make.

The changes to my body are nothing compared to the changes to my overall well-being. Not going to lie, it is HARD WORK. You have to challenge yourself physically, as well as open yourself to change your beliefs about food.

Victoria Mills - Stouffville, ON

It will be one of the best choices you ever make.

Carolyn Gutkind

Carolyn Gutkind

My journey began with Go Girls in December 2014, but I didn't take it seriously until my first 6 week challenge in January 2015. I made my typical excuses of I'm busy, I have this to do, that to do etc, plus it was the holidays.

What made the difference for me is how friendly and supportive all the trainers were, plus the girls who are working out right there beside you, cheering you on. You feel you are part of the Go Girl Family.

I started this process at a size 18/20, I'm now a size 14 and 32lbs lighter.

I really could not be where I am without the amazing Go Girl team standing behind me, pushing me knowing I can achieve what I set out to achieve.

Carolyn Gutkind - Markham, ON

...I'm now a size 14 and 32lbs lighter

Jocelyn Luk

Jocelyn Luk

"Prior to joining the Go Girl Transformation Centre, I had a very active lifestyle playing competitive tennis. While playing for Western & U of T's varsity tennis teams, I often struggled with overuse injuries, as my body was unable to handle the physical stress of the sport.

I felt as though I was not as agile and strong as I wanted to be. I decided to join Go Girl Transformation Centre to improve my fitness and strength, and have seen great results! I have gained agility and endurance, shown by being able to run down more balls on the court that I would have previously given up on.

Because I am stronger now, I no longer struggle with the same arm and shoulder injuries that have held me back in the past, and this has improved my self-confidence. To anyone that wants to join, I would say - GO FOR IT! There is nothing to lose, and only new friends and a better health, to gain."

Jocelyn Luk - Markham, ON

Because I am stronger now...

Lianne Chu

Lianne Chu

Before joining Go Girl I was always unhappy with my weight and how I looked. I never thought I could ever have the will power to eat healthy, or even just live a healthy life style. I already had an athletic look but my body was never really toned to go with it. I never really thought about what I ate or just made a lot of justifications with my self so I would feel okay about what I'm eating.

Before joining I was very lazy and made up a lot of excuses for not going to the gym or doing something active. Like everyone else I said it will be a new years resolution. It took almost two months in the new year but I eventually joined the boot camp and I absolutely love it.

After taking the program I saw amazing results. I lost a little more than 15 lbs. total and went from a size 10 to a size 6. I honestly never thought I could ever drop in size because I've never been lower than size 10 since high school, either up or back down to ten. I've also gotten some comments from people and that always makes me feel good.

Joining Go Girl could be one of the best decisions you make if you're looking to join a gym. When I joined I knew I wanted a boot camp style because of the variety of exercises and the class setting. I found that this was everything I was looking for plus more.

The support from the trainers and from fellow members has been amazing from the beginning, even when I didn't know anyone. All the members of the transformation center has been very supportive and motivating. I also like the fact the all the trainers know your name, making the classes more personal. I have never regretted joining and am always looking forward to go to the next class.

Lianne Chu - Markham, ON

Joining Go Girl could be one of the best decisions...

Anita Chou

Anita Chou

Before joining Go Girl, i went to the gym a couple of times a week. But i pretty much had no sense of direction and did not know what i was doing to get the most of a workout.

I also ate everything in sight which made my results very minimal and disappointing, and also caused me to dislike the way i looked.

After joining bootcamp, i finally gained knowledge from my incredible coaches as to what to eat, what type of exercises to do to maximize fat loss, and i have to say, i've never been happier with my body and more proud of what i have accomplished in the 7 months i have been here.

I lost 13 pounds and i am more toned and fit now than i have ever been! To anyone who is looking to turn their life around with a positive change, and to feel confident and love yourself, join our team of wonderful and inspiring women at GGBC!!

Anita Chou - Markham, ON

I've never been happier with my body and more proud...

Cristina Lisita

Cristina Lisita

My story at GGBC started few years ago when I decided to challenge myself and try something new. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and being a bit skeptical I kept my gym membership. Just a loss of money, I never went back to my regular gym!!!

I had always been active, the problem was not that I did not know what to do; it was that I did not have the discipline and motivation to follow through. This is where CCGB made a difference. The trainers Dan, Rosie & Steph are very friendly, very dedicated and inspiring.

They have their own success stories that keep everybody motivated. The girls are amazing, always supportive and pushing themselves to the next level. Every session is different and meant to get you, as an individual, to your potential.

Going back to my story, after I took a break from exercising during my second pregnancy, I knew that the CGBC is going to be the solution to losing the unwanted baby fat, and I was right.

I lost over 25 pounds in less than 4 months and the best part is that I kept it off since. I strongly believe that signing up for GGBC is one of the best things that I have done for myself.

Cristina Lisita - Markham, ON

I lost over 25 pounds in less than 4 months

Sheena Yap Chan


So as you all know, I have recently join a bootcamp that has literally given me results that I never thought was possible. I wanted to share my experience and why I think a body transformation can transform your life but for starters, here is a before and after photo of me that I wanted to share!

I first joined the bootcamp with a friend because she did not want to go alone and since it was only a one month commitment, I decided to accompany her. I ended up staying while she stopped after the one month.

The workouts were insane and the diet was difficult but I followed it anyway and within a month, I could instantly see the results.

People started telling me how good I looked and I started buying more clothes because for once, I had the body that I have always wanted but never thought was possible. Before, I was always conscious of my body just because I never had the perfect body. I was always worried about what people would think if I wore a certain dress or a certain shirt but now all those worries are gone!

It wasn't only my body that transformed, it was also my life. I was more confident in myself and I started to attract things in my life that were positive. I was aware of what was possible and that I can achieve anything if I have a set of goals, a system to follow and a great support system to lean on. My bootcamp has all of that and more!

The group of ladies are awesome because they always push to your limits and when the workout is done, we all give each other high fives because we have completed the workouts together!

Go Girl bootcamps have not only changed my life but they have changed so many women's lives as well. Every time I go into the gym, I always hear a woman with a great success story of how they were able to reach their target weight and complain that they have to buy a whole new wardrobe because all their old clothes are too loose. Wouldn't that be a great problem to have. If you want transformation, I suggest you start with your health because when your body is healthy everything else will follow.

A body transformation can transform your life!

Sheena Yap Chan - Markham, ON

People started telling me how good I looked and I started buying more clothes because...

Jenn Smith

Jenn Smith

I've been with GGBC for about 4 years. It's seen me through some important life events, most recently, the birth of my little baby.

Thanks to the GGBC trainers and the other girls, I was able to continue exercising up to my due date and felt really healthy. They were always encouraging and supportive; I never felt like I was taking the journey alone.

I was able to return to exercising a couple of months after having my baby and I felt like I was coming home to a family. It was such a fantastic and motivating environment.

By my baby's 6 month birthday, I had lost most of my baby weight and was featured on the Marilyn Dennis wearing a bikini!

There is no way that I would have accomplished that without the love and support of my GGBC family!

Jenn Smith - Markham, ON

By my baby's 6 month birthday, I had lost most of my baby weight and was featured on the Marilyn Dennis wearing a bikini!

Caryn Parchment

Caryn Parchment

I had been in a car accident two years prior where I injured my pelvis and caused me to reach a weight I had never seen before. I found GO Girl via Facebook and with my doctor's approval I joined to see if I could lose weight and stop feeling tired and nauseated all the time.

I was shocked by my results at GO Girl on only 1 week of the SI6 challenge - I lost 9lbs in one week! I had never had these kind of results before. My overall results have my strength up, I'm 30lbs down to date, and I no longer hate going to the gym. I actually feel like I'm missing out on something good when I don't come to workouts.

To Future Members - The first step is the hardest, but once you make that commitment to yourself, you will never regret it. This is a place of no judgement that makes you feel like you are working out with family.

Caryn Parchment - Markham, ON

My overall results have my strength up, I'm 30lbs down to date

Andrea Ho-Fatt Wang

Andrea Ho-Fatt Wang

After having my 3rd child - I was starting to get in the habit of buying clothes that hid my shoulders, arms and stomach.

I started to feel like a hypocrite - because even though I looked relatively slim, I knew I wasn't really healthy because I wasn't physically active. I had great excuses why I had no time to exercise.... looking after my 3 kids, being a full-time dentist, and running a medical and dental clinic.

When my sister told me that I should try a class with her, I started to give my excuses - and she turned around and said "NFE! I'm picking you up and you better be ready!" and I'm so thankful that she did.

Overall I've lost about 6lbs and most importantly, I'm in the best shape (strength and cardio) of my adult life.

I was part of the Go Girls Spartan team a week ago - and that day marked my 1 year anniversary of trying my first Go Girl class.

I've met some amazing friends, I've become a "morning person" (I love my 6am and 9am ladies!).

Andrea Ho-Fatt Wang - Markham, ON

...I'm in the best shape of my adult life.

Kourtney Madeley


"I'd always been bigger but that was when I noticed the biggest changed. Within a span of a year and a half, I gained a lot of weight. At first I didn't notice, and that was the worst part. I didn't realize where I'd gone, and it wasn't until I came home and started to look at my travel pictures and tried to try on my old clothes and then I realized that I had really not been paying attention and it got a bit out of hand.

Since joining boot camp I've gone down about 43 pounds, and I've gone from a size 18 to a size 10.

Now I LOVE going shopping, buying new clothes for my new body!

I couldn't have done it without the support of Dan, Linda, Rosie, Janet and all of my GGBC'ers who work out with me every single day."

Kourtney Madeley - Markham, on

"I Lost 43 Pounds and 8 Dress Sizes!"

Christine Macatangay

Christine Macatangay

Before joining Go Girl I found excuses to hide behind my weight gain and even more to not have to do anything about it. I have always had a love-hate relationship with my diet and exercise; I could get one or the other on track but couldn’t find a balance between the two. I’ve had gym memberships but felt intimidated and clueless with what to do when I was there. I’ve tried exercising at home but eventually lacked motivation to maintain consistency. I’ve tried diet pills, shakes, cleanses and the like, but my results were short lived.

Within 4 months of joining Go Girl I have lost 28 pounds, 12 inches overall, and dropped 8 pant sizes; results are still happening!

Joining Go Girl was one of the best decisions I have made! Everything I needed but could not find I have found in this place. There is a great support system that holds me accountable when I need it, encourages me when I doubt myself, and celebrates every success big and small. We’re a family and this feels like home! It’s no longer about diet and exercise but refueling and training my body to its full potential. I am happier and healthier and have learned that I deserve this because I am worth it...and so are YOU!!! Looking forward to sweating it out with you one day.

Thank you to my Go Girl family for all that you are and all that do!

Christine Macatangay - Markham, ON

"Everything I needed but could not find I have found in this place."

Christine Wang

Christine Wang

Like many moms, I was always busy with kids, work and caring for my mom on weekends. Then a few years ago I was diagnosed with a rare Immune system disorder. The disorder not just weakened me, as simple as holding a cup, or focus to see sometimes become very difficult. Soon enough, I my weight went from 120 to 150, the heaviest I had ever been.

Since joining Go Girl, I have I lost almost 30 pounds, melt away more than 30 inches, got my shape back and went from a size 12 back down to a 6! I got back into my favourite clothes. I am more confident, have more energy. More important, I feel a lot stronger and I am able to get my life back. Nowadays, I can even walk faster and get to join in the fun with my kids!

Go Girl is a big family. The coaches are amazing, very personable, fun, and always there to keep you motivated. All the girls encourage each other. It is not just about the workout, it is sharing great ideas about healthy lifestyle. More so, it is about taking care of ourselves, and support each other to be our best!

Christine Wang - Markham, ON

"The coaches are amazing, very personable, fun, and always there to keep you motivated."

Lisa Kent

Lisa Kent

My life before GG was very sedentary. I work and travel a lot for my job and I can be in a sitting position for hours at a time. When I would come home from work I was always too tired to do anything else.

My results have been amazing! I take a medical prescription that triggered a weight gain and since I started at GG I have lost almost 20 lbs and over 10 inches. I have so much more energy, muscle mass and I sleep so much better at night.

For anyone that wants to try out a class I would tell them to go for it! Stop making excuses why you can't go and just do it. GG is like a family, all the women and trainers are amazing and I look forward to my classes at night.

Lisa Kent - Markham, ON

"My results have been amazing!"

Heidi Hernandez


Before bootcamp, I didn't really have a fitness life, it was non-existence. I didn't play any sports, or participated in any physical activities. To be honest, I thought I was fine and didn't think I had anything to worry about. I didn't have any interest in working out or getting in shape.

After doing the Markham boot camp I lost 41 pounds and dropped 10 dress sizes! I don't know exactly how many inches, but I know I was once a pant size 30-32, and now I wear size 25.

I feel more energized and motivated from the moment I wake up and it continues throughout the day. Bootcamp helps me to burn that excess energy and relieve any stress which allowed me to develop a better sleeping pattern and which in turn reinforces my energy level the next morning.

I also noticed that I feel more confident in my body. I am in better shape than I was ever before. I am addicted to bootcamp.

Shopping has also been great. Before, shopping was difficult because I would wear baggy, loose fitting clothes to hide my body. Now, I don't feel like I have to. I am fitting in clothes that I would never have worn before, and it looks good!

Heidi Hernandez

"I Was Able to Lose 41 Pounds and 10 Dress Sizes!"

Gurpeet Mangat-Desai


My fitness life before GGBC consisted of doing cardio 3 times a week. Since joining GGBC I've lost 34 pounds and have dropped down from a size 14 dress to a size 4!

I feel much more healthier and most importantly...after doing boot camp I feel as if I can accomplish anything I set my mind on.

I would tell anyone who wants to join go girls to note that this isn't just any other bootcamp class: It is a place where you feel comfortable regardless of where you are starting at or even if you do not know anyone. Everyone is friendly and encourage one another throughout the workouts. Dan/Rosie/Linda encourage you to push harder each class so you are giving 100%. Dan is amazing and I know for a fact that him pushing me and following up kept me on track and reach my goal.

Thank you Dan!

Gurpeet Mangat-Desai

"Since joining GGBC I've lost 34 pounds and have dropped down from a size 14 dress to a size 4!"

Liz Aguilar


I just had the baby, so it was really hard for me to do fitness, but then I noticed that I was relatively big, and I wanted to lose weight, so I went to the gym and I tried to do that on my own. I didn't really see any results, and, food wise, I was still eating the same things. I didn't really pay too much attention to that. And then I just noticed I wasn't going anywhere.

I couldn't see myself in the future. When we would take pictures, I just couldn't. When I would see myself, I was like, That's not me. That's not who I was. I looked like a completely different person. I just couldn't stand seeing my picture.

Since joining the Markham boot camp I've lost about at least 25 pounds. I went from a size 14, now to a size 8.

I have a lot more energy. When I follow the nutrition plan, I notice when I followed the nutrition plan and incorporated the veggies, the protein, and I stayed away from a lot of the sugar and juice, no pop, you notice just a drastic change in your body and just energy wise. I have more energy to do a lot of things.

Liz Aguilar

"...I went from a size 14, now to a size 8!"

Valerie O'neil Gahagan


Before I joined GG Boot Camp in September of 2012, my fitness level was mediocre. I didn't belong to any recreational sports, although I had joined a few fitness programs in the pass. The only exercise I was getting on a regular basis was taking my dog for walks around my neighborhood.

So far, just from attending 3 Boot Camp classes a week I've lost 10lbs, my goal is another 10lbs by the end of January. Now, I'm wearing a size 5 in dress pants and small tops. My size 11 skinny jeans are too big now and require a belt!! The one thing I'm enjoying the most, is my energy levels are at steady and constant high level.

I no longer come home and fall asleep on the couch after work. I have energy all threw the day and evening. Working in a fast paced environment, the energy I have now has only given me much greater success to accomplish my daily duties. The best part is my colleagues, clients, friends and family have all noticed such a positive change.

Anyone who's considering joining, I'd say "Take the Leap" It's the best gift you'll give yourself this year!!! Not only am I more confident, I'm feeling better and happy in my own skin now. I cant wait to reach my personal goals, and see how I feel and look then. It's been all about personal success and accomplishment for me.

The trainers, Dan, Linda, Rossie and Stephanie are all wonderful and even though they will accommodate you and your fitness levels, they will also work with you so you reach your fitness goals.

Valerie O'neil Gahagan - Markham, ON

"Not Only Am I More Confident, I'm feeling Better and am Happier in My Own Skin Now..."



I was able to wear my wedding dress with so much confidence! and Iloved it! I actually wouldn't stop posing for pictures! It was such a good day!

Before joining Go Girl I was working out at a gym with a trainer - but once the cost became too much, I lost motivation to go the the gym as often. Not motivated to workout at a high level on my own, so I joined the boot camp.

Since joining my fitness level has become so much higher! People comment all the time about how much I've changed the shape of my body. I'm not a huge believer in stepping on a scale, however I believe my clothes when I put them on and they are too big! At least 2 pant sizes! I've become addicted to attending boot camp! It's a very big part of my week. Don't be scared away by the first few classes, it will get easier, it will make a difference. All the girls in the room will help you out and motivate you on days that you don't want to be there!


"I purchased my wedding dress too small on purpose, but I did it! I've never been in better shape!"



After seeing pictures of myself this summer and being really unhappy with how I looked, I decided it was time to make some changes in my life. September 2011 I began to revamp my eating habits, and get back to my old athletic self. We have everything I need to use at home, getting over the intitial slump of starting again was extremely difficult. After two months of inconsistent workouts with minimal results, I found Gogirl Bootcamps. That's when everything changed! The atmosphere of training with women of all ranges in abilities is what pushes me to keep going! The trainers each have their own unique way to get through to you so you never feel like your falling into a rut with the same old boring routine. For the first time in my life I feel encouraged and motivated and truly believe that my body will be Honeymoon-ready at the end of July! Make the decision to join us, and let us support you on your journey to a healthy, and sexy body!


"I've lost 18 Pounds & Dropped From a Size 9 To a Size 4. Plus My Weight Is The Lowest I've Seen in Years"

Nicole Switzer

Nicole Switzer

Before going to Go Girl I was out of shape, unable to get into a healthy routine and going to the gym by myself wasn't helping me. After awhile I decided to give them a try and I love it here!

After doing 4 months of their Transformation Challenges I lost 25 pounds, went down from sizes 8-10 down to 2-4 in pants!

I'm more confident in myself. I'm pushing myself constantly towards a new goal and am always optimistic I'll be able to meet my new goal.

If you are looking to make a lifestyle change then this is the right place for you. This place is like a second family, they motivate you along the way and help you stick to your plan. The trainers here are awesome and are very helpful!

Nicole Switzer - Markham, ON

"I'm more confident in myself."

Assunta A.


Before boot camp I did little to no fitness activity. I was very lazy and unmotivated, I would sit at watch t.v. for hours instead of working out. After working out with the boot camp I have lost 11 lbs, my whole body is more toned and I went down two dress sizes! Boot camp is motivating and fun. I love the group dynamic and it has proven to have great results.

Assunta A. - Markham, Ontario

I have lost 11 lbs, my whole body is more toned and I went down two dress sizes!

Irina C. - Professional Fitness Model

Margaret Bennet

I have always been very active and athletic but it got harder to fit into my schedule when I started working full time. Sports for me have always been the most fun and exciting way to stay in shape but when there is no time for sports, you have to resort to the gym. Since I didn't enjoy the gym and had no motivation to go, I was paying for a membership that I was using a few times a month. I would have spurts of motivation throughout the month but they never lasted longer than a week or 2 max. My fitness life was basically non-existent and it was starting to show.

When I did make it to the gym, I would only go if there were classes. I went to all the different classes like body pump and toning classes, tried the salsa and latin dancing ones, and even went through a phase where I really enjoyed cycling. But nothing ever lasted because they all became so repetitive. I also didn't like how they all had the same pace and if you could do better than everyone else, you would still have to maintain the pace of the class. It wasn't a very challenging atmosphere and I slowly stopped showing up.

When I joined boot camp my main areas of concern have always been my stomach and thighs. I have a small upper body so when I put on weight it goes directly to my upper thighs, then my stomach. I felt results (pain) after the first bootcamp class, and that's how I knew it was going to work.

I saw actual results after 2 weeks of doing the classes 2 times a week. After the first month I noticed a lot of my work pants and jeans weren't as tight on me and I had to start wearing belts. My favorite part was that my legs looked leaner and longer and my bum was rounder and perkier :) Overall I looked toned, lean, and a lot healthier and got so many compliments from everyone.

If you're sick of routine and want a challenge you have to come try this bootcamp! It has everything from high intensity exercises, to great ab workouts, and the most effective circuits out there. The trainers are always introducing new exercises and workout routines, look out for you to make sure your form is perfect, and are always encouraging you every step of the way. I LOVE IT and hope I never move because I don't know what I'll do without this class.

Irina C. - Professional Fitness Model

Overall I looked toned, lean and a lot healthier and I got compliments from everyone.

Natalie Mok

Natalie Mok

"Before joining GG Bootcamps I was constantly going out to eat and never thought of exercising. I was starting to get frustrated with my habits and really wanted a change.

Then I heard about GGBC and thought I'd give it a try and I'm so happy I did. Thanks to all the GGBC girls and coaches for their support and motivation, I have managed to shed 22 pounds and 10 inches off my body.

For anyone thinking about joining - STOP THINKING ABOUT IT AND JUST DO IT!!! All the girls are here to help, motivate and support each other. Not only have I changed to a healthier lifestyle, I have also made a bunch of new friends from the GG family. I'm so glad that I joined, it's the best decisions I've made."

Natalie Mok - Markham, ON

I'm so glad that I joined, it's the best decisions I've made.

Yeeshin Loh

Yeeshin Loh

My fitness life before bootcamp was a cycle of failed attempts. I was never able to keep myself motivated and on track enough past the one or two times that I got myself pumped up for.

As of right now, working out is like an amazing drug to me. I just crave for it more and more. I try to go to Markham bootcamp classes three times a week, and I also incorporate at least three yoga classes as well. When I am in yoga, I find that the strength that I have gained and the persistence to push on in bootcamp allow me to challenge all of the poses that I used to only admire in magazines.

Although I still have a long way to go, I am now stronger physically and mentally. My energy level has increased, I am leaner and stronger, and I am in the best shape of my life since having my daughter. Being able to push through the workouts gives me confidence to challenge things that I would never have done before.

I would say "What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose (but weight) and a whole lot to gain". Go Girl Bootcamp isn't just a place to go to "try" to get in shape. You get results because there are wonderful coaches to help keep you on track and make sure that you are doing things correctly to get those results. There is also the community vibe that is absolutely incredible.

On the days where I thought I couldn't, I looked over and saw ladies ten years older than me, ladies who have just had babies, and other mothers just like myself with a crazy schedule who manage to dedicate that one hour to themselves and we all push on together.

Yeeshin Loh - Markham, ON

I am now stronger physically and mentally. My energy level has increased, I am leaner and stronger, and I am in the best shape of my life since having my daughter.

Mae Kwan

Mae Kwan

Fitness has always been a part of my life in one form or another. But this changed about 10 years ago when life threw me a curve ball. I shattered my elbow in a ski accident and it took some time to regain strength and mobility in my arm. Just as I was feeling better, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I am now a proud survivor but those drugs really affected my energy level and overall body composition.

Hey, when life serves you lemons...you have to make lemonade...it was time to focus on fitness, health and my own well being. It was a slow process of going to fitness and yoga classes here and there and always feeling dissatisfied.

My neighbour suggested I give Go Girl Bootcamps a try. After a free trial class, I was hooked. I won't lie to you, workouts were damn hard and still are but I was committed and now I see big changes in my fitness and energy levels! I owe a huge Thank You to Coaches Dan, Rosie, Stephanie and Stella!

I had great success in the SI6 program. My goal was to lose 10lbs. I really didn't think I would even lose half of that since my weight has been virtually the same for the last 5 years regardless of what 'program' I was on.

Well the SI6 Program was different, I lost 10.8lbs and 8.2in overall! What made the difference for me this time is without question the coaching and the support of all the other ladies on the program! I found my magic bullet at Go Girl Bootcamps.

My journey hasn't ended yet, I'm already signed up for Round 2 of SI6!

To anyone that is thinking of joining....Just do it! You won't regret it. Invest in yourself because you are worth it. Amazing workouts and the coaches were always great at modifying certain exercises for me because of my injury. If you are committed and with the help of all the dedicated coaches at Go Girl Bootcamps, you will reach your goals!

Take care,

Mae Kwan - Markham, ON

What made the difference for me this time is without question the coaching and the support of all the other ladies on the program! I found my magic bullet at Go Girl Bootcamps.



I started my journey at Go Girl Boot Camp 3 months ago and I still believe that it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Before I joined GGBC I joined gym programs and workout DVDs but lacked the motivation and commitment.. My eating habits were inconsistent and ate as if there was no tomorrow.

I decided to give GGBC a try, with little expectations. . After six weeks, I gained a lot more than what I bargained for. I proudly say that I lost 12 lbs; over 5 inches off my waist; and went from size 8 to size 4-6!

GGBC has an awesome group of trainers who are friendly but will push you to your own limits, and the positive energy is incredible. I feel great every day, my energy level is on the roof, I have gained so much strength and improved my fitness level in ways I can’t describe. I can’t get enough of this place. I love it and for the first time in my life, I love exercising and being active.

Carol - Markham, ON

I still believe that it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Maggie Woo

Maggie Woo

"Before boot camp I hardly worked out and occasionally did racquet sports.After doing boot camp I lost a total 23 pounds of body fat.

The boot camp is so different from the gym because You are not relaying on machines to do your workout..but actually using weights and your own body to get in shape.

Therefore you see results faster and keep seeing results if you continue.

If you want to try the boot camp You definitely should join, you will definitely see results if you stick with the program and follow the nutrition plan."

Maggie Woo - Markham, ON

After doing the boot camp I lost a total 23 pounds of body fat

Amanda Bishop

Amanda Bishop

"Boot camp has been such an amazing experience. I had been looking for a hard core work out. I wanted to be pushed and yelled at. I crave every class even if it takes me a while to get there, once your there its like a drug you want more!I have lost 5 pounds of scale weight and 15 inches all over the body! Just a few steps closer to my goal!"

Amanda Bishop - Markham, ON

I lost 15 inches from my body...

Joan Sinclair

Joan with loose pants

"...I have dropped 3-4 clothes sizes, dropped 11% body fat, dropped 33 lbs, and inches and all without serious dieting!

I couldnever have done all of this on my own without the boot camps support, consistent pushing me to expand my boundaries and telling me to stay focused."

Joan Sinclair, Manager
Markham, Ontario
IS Purchasing & Contract Management Direct Energy

What a Wonderful Transformation...

Linda Tam

Linda Tam as Miss Intelligence

"I've always hated looking at myself in the mirror. I never feel I'm skinny enough compare to all those around me. But that has all change since I've met with my very special trainer Dan.

Self consciousness has been a problem for me for the longest time. I never liked how I looked, and I always wanted to lose those flabby stomach and chubby arms.

Some times, I'd get so desperate to lose weight I'd starve myself for days. I've also tried a lot of other methods in the market to lose weight like pills, special food, or the famous "only cardio exercise" training, but my weight would fluctuate with no real results. Since I have a body of muscle also, losing weight has always been difficult for me. (Yes, not even starving works). But this has all change since I met with Dan.

With Dan's patient training and extensive teaching,I've lose the weight I wanted, plus gaining the self confidence. I've finally achieved the flat abs I've always dreamt of, plus learned a lot about living a healthy life. The beauty about Dan's program is that he will not only train you physically, but will also teach you thing to do outside of the gym that will accelerate the result, such as ways to eat, ways to live and ways to think mentally.

He's always there to give positive motivation and advice to everything you do, so you'd never feel like working out is a stressful tiring thing. Within a year, Dan has worked wonder on my body inside out. I've lost almost10 inches in my overall body, I've also went from a size 25 to 23 waist.

With the newly gain confidence and body, I've challenged myself to compete in the 2008 Miss Chinese Toronto Beauty Pageant. From the competition, I've won the title as Miss Intelligence. But what I truly believe I've gain is my self confidence and a life long knowledge to healthy living. I owe it all to Dan."

Linda Tam
Unionville, Ontario
Miss Intelligence - 2008 Miss Chinese Toronto Beauty Pageant

I've lost almost 10 inches... also went From a size 25 to 23 waist

Garima Gupta


"I was moderately active person but lacked the real motivation to reach my fitness goals. I wasgoing to gym for about 6 months before joining butcould not see much change in myself. I heard my friend saying that boot camp really works. I tried to give it a chance andit did really worked for me !! :-)

I have seen tremendous results after I joined the camp. Idropped 26 pounds in about 4 months and went down from a size 13-14 to size 9. I feel great about myself.

The good thing about this boot camp is it couples exercise and nutrition in a way that if you follow both of them religiously, you are bound to see results!!"

Garima Gupta
Markham, Ontario
Platform IT Technician

I've Dropped
26 Pounds in About 4 months!

Kai An Chiang


"I have taken the boot camp since 2008 and I love it.Before the camp my immune system was not that strong andI was getting sick all the time. After taking the camp I started realizing that my metabolism got faster. Istarted feeling lighter and healthier. I dropped 3 dress sizes and started to fit into pants that I got 5 years ago!

If anyone is thinking about taking the camp I say, "Just do it!"You won't regret it at all!"

Kai An Chiang - Markham, Ontario

Dropped 3 Dress Sizes!

The Markham Women's Boot Camp Program may be a bit more expensive than some other programs. But it's unlike other programs you'll find, which is why people who have attended a 4 week Markham Women's Boot Camprave about the fabulous results they get. How many other programs give you everything you'll get with the Markham Women's Boot Camp program?

Here's My...
"The Fit For Life GUARANTEE" to You!

If You Sign Up for The Year Program and
Ever Get Back Out Of Shape...ANYTIME down the road
You Can Come Back In & Get Into Shape For No Cost!

Sign up for a free trial and receive these bonuses free (you can keep them even if you don't sign up)

The Goal Achiever Report ($27 value) - You will be 90% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. Use this goal setting template to write out your goals. Remember to WRITE out your goals rather then type them. Writing has a more positive effect and trains your subconscious mind to work towards your goals.

Rapid Fat Loss Food Guide ($19 value) - A comprehensive guide to eating the right foods and staying away from the wrong ones

Simple Done for You Meal Plans ($17 value) - Get rid of the confusion about when to eat and what. This will give you a good idea of how to eat every 2-4 hours and what you should be eating.

Even MORE Added Bonuses:

Think and Lose Fat Report ($37 value) - Fitness expert Chris Shugart did a special report on the Psychology behind fat loss. This definitely opened up my eyes as to why we tend to have bad eating habits.

Turbulence Training Body weight Workout ($47 value) - Craig Ballantyne is a world renowned fitness expert. Use this body weight manual when travelling or without equipment.

Together that's $120 in Free Gifts that you get to keep!

A lot of weight loss and fitness programs give you a lot of talk. But do they deliver? I do! That's why I'm prepared to make this guarantee to you!

AND as a special bonus to you.

You can try Markham Women's Boot Camp Program absolutely free. That's how sure I am that this program will work for you.

Let's face it, if after a full week of working my program you don't have fun or start to see a difference in your body, you can call it quits. There's no risk or obligation to try my program.

But as soon as you see what my program can do for you, as soon as you start to feel more energetic and see results, you'll want to keep going. You'll have fun AND lose weight at the same time! You can't lose!

As you can see from the testimonials, theMarkham Women's Boot Camp Program has been a huge success for many people. I've dedicated my life's work to helping others who've gone through the same struggle I did and I want to help you, too! But I can't do that unless you give it a try.

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I know you're an intelligent person and you want to finally get the body you've always wanted. You can leave this website and stay in the flabby body that has depressed you for so long. Or you can finallytake control, lose that weight, get fit and feel great. I'd love to be the personal trainer that finally helps you succeed.

The choice is yours!


Dan Go

Dan Go
Boot Camp Instructor
Go Girls Boot Camps
Thornhill / Markham, Ontario

P.S. - Remember, you're under no obligation when you sign up for the Markham Women's Boot Camp program.You'll receive a free trial when you sign up today! Space is limited, so don't delay.

P.P.S. - You can't lose with this amazing program. Not only will you see real results right away, but you also have my personal guarantee that if you ever get back out of shape,you can return to our program and get back into shape for no cost!

P.P.P.S. - Have a question? We probably answered it below!

How is your program so effective at guaranteeing results??

Our Markham workout program is based on solid scientific research that has beenproven to elevate your metabolism so you will be burning fat even after you are done your workout. In fact our way or exercising is 9x more effective than traditional exercise. The best thing about the the workouts is that they always change. We have 17 different workout programs to choose from and hundreds of exercises we use to get your body into incredible shape.

It is paired up along with our easy to use nutrition plan that allows you to eat the foods you want and doesn't make you feel like you are "dieting". We actually have two nutrition plans depending on what kind of lifestyle you lead. We also give you "Done for you" meal plans and recipes so you don't have to think about what to eat anymore.

The best part about our classes is the group support. You will be supported by hundreds of women who are striving for the same goal you are. That makes you 80% more likely to achieve that goal.

What is the cost of the program?

If you're not serious about transforming your body or you're just price shopping you would probably be better off looking elsewhere.We only want to work with women who are serious about changing their bodies and our boot camp training, service and dedication to your goals reflect that.

It's also why we are able to guarantee results. We are not the cheapest option out there, but we might be the best.

Unlimited boot camp memberships can range anywhere between $167 to $247 a month.

Q: You are a guy. This program is for women. How do I know you'll be able to help me?

Good question. Ever since my mom passed away I have made it my passion to help women get into the best shape of their lives. She has inspired me to live out my passions and I know you will do the same for those around you. So I decided to focus my energy in finding the best and fastest ways to help women get back into incredible shape. I have also trained thousands of women through this boot camp and in my personal training business. After working together with that many women I have a firm grasp on how to get you results.

I am not in the best of shape; will I be able to do this?

We do recommend you consult your physician before conducting any physical exercise. We also know that you will be able to do this program and our trainers will modify the exercises to your fitness level.

We encourage you to work with what you feel comfortable with and always take that break whenever you feel the need to. When you feel up to it, challenge yourself more as the workout progresses.Our trainers have experience and will have a good handle on when to push and and when to back away. We are always welcoming beginners and also women just getting back on the workout wagon into our boot camps. After a couple of weeks they are doing the workouts with no problems!

Q: I'm not in my 20's and 30's, will this program work for someone who is older?

Yes! And we know that because we have had plenty of women in their 40's, 50's and even 60's experienceamazing success while using this program. The program is meant for you to lose fat in a short amount of time while increasing your metabolism no matter what age you are.

Q: What if it doesn't work for me?

Then it is completely FREE.

Simply put, if you sign up for the boot camps and do exactly as it is outlined in the manuals, and do not end up seeing any types of results, just contact us and we'll refund your money. It's that simple.

We stand behind our product as the simplest, easiest to follow fat loss program ever created, and if it doesn't get those results for you when followed,you get your money back. No hassles, no issues, just a quick, courteous refund.

As you can see, I take the risk completely away from you and put it onto me - the only thing you need to do is let me prove it to you!